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 Da-Lite 97963-Honey Maple - $585.00

 77" Diag. 38x67 Designer Contour Electrol Projector Screen, HDTV Format, H.C. Matte White Fabric
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Da-Lite - 97963-Honey Maple

77" Diag. 38x67 Designer Contour Electrol Projector Screen, HDTV Format, H.C. Matte White Fabric

Case Color: Honey Maple
Item# 97963-Honey Maple
Price: $585.00
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 Product Specifications
Screen Type:
Business, Classroom
HDTV [16:9]
Usually Ships Within:
5-10 Business Days
Diagonal Size (in.):
Viewable Height (in.):
Viewable Width (in.):
Mount Type:
Wall and Ceiling
Front/Rear Projection:
1 Year
Screen Surface:
High Contrast Matte White
Product Line:
Designer Contour Electrol

All Da-Lite projector screens are custom built to order and Made in the USA.

Designer Contour Electrol

Featuring a stylish curved aluminum extruded case, standard with a white powder coated finish (also available in black or graphite case finishes), with dimensions of only 4-5/8" high x 4-3/32" deep.

An optional choice of seven veneer finishes are also available for the screen case for a warm, elegant look. Veneers from Honey Maple, Medium Oak, Heritage Walnut, Mahogany, Light Oak, Natural Walnut, Cherry. Cases with Honey Maple, Light Oak and Medium Oak finishes come standard with white end caps. Cherry, Mahogany, Natural Walnut and Heritage Walnut cases come with black end caps.

Standard with a Decora style three position wall switch. An optional Low Voltage Control unit can be built directly into the case for easy installation.

Matte White, High Contrast Matte White and Video Spectra 1.5 fabrics will be seamless in all sizes. High Power fabric will be seamless in sizes up to 6' in height.

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92659-White50 x 50Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $438.00
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89710-White50 x 50Square [1:1]Matte White $438.00
89712-White50 x 50Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $438.00
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89741W-White50 x 67Video [4:3]High Power $923.00
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89713W-White50 x 50Square [1:1]High Power $705.00
89710W-White50 x 50Square [1:1]Matte White $595.00
89712W-White50 x 50Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $595.00
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89761-White52 x 92HDTV [16:9]High Power $816.00
89758-White52 x 92HDTV [16:9]Matte White $706.00
89760-White52 x 92HDTV [16:9]Video Spectra 1.5 $706.00
89761W-White52 x 92HDTV [16:9]High Power $981.00
92671W-White52 x 92HDTV [16:9]High Contrast Matte White $871.00
89758W-White52 x 92HDTV [16:9]Matte White $871.00
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89744-White57 x 77Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $659.00
92667W-White57 x 77Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $824.00
89745W-White57 x 77Video [4:3]High Power $934.00
89742W-White57 x 77Video [4:3]Matte White $824.00
89744W-White57 x 77Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $824.00
89717W-White60 x 60Square [1:1]High Power $717.00
92668-White60 x 80Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $681.00
89749-White60 x 80Video [4:3]High Power $791.00
89746-White60 x 80Video [4:3]Matte White $681.00
89748-White60 x 80Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $681.00
92660-White60 x 60Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $442.00
89717-White60 x 60Square [1:1]High Power $552.00
89714-White60 x 60Square [1:1]Matte White $442.00
89716-White60 x 60Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $442.00
92668W-White60 x 80Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $846.00
89749W-White60 x 80Video [4:3]High Power $956.00
89748W-White60 x 80Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $846.00
92660W-White60 x 60Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $607.00
89714W-White60 x 60Square [1:1]Matte White $607.00
89716W-White60 x 60Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $607.00
92669-White69 x 92Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $709.00
89753-White69 x 92Video [4:3]High Power $819.00
89750-White69 x 92Video [4:3]Matte White $709.00
89752-White69 x 92Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $709.00
89753W-White69 x 92Video [4:3]High Power $984.00
92669W-White69 x 92Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $874.00
89750W-White69 x 92Video [4:3]Matte White $874.00
89752W-White69 x 92Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $874.00
92661-White70 x 70Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $455.00
89721-White70 x 70Square [1:1]High Power $565.00
89718-White70 x 70Square [1:1]Matte White $455.00
89720-White70 x 70Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $455.00
92661W-White70 x 70Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $792.00
89721W-White70 x 70Square [1:1]High Power $902.00
89718W-White70 x 70Square [1:1]Matte White $792.00
89720W-White70 x 70Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $792.00
92663-White72 x 96Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $694.00
89729-White72 x 96Square [1:1]High Power $804.00
89726-White72 x 96Square [1:1]Matte White $694.00
89728-White72 x 96Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $694.00
89729W-White72 x 96Square [1:1]High Power $969.00
92663W-White72 x 96Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $859.00
89726W-White72 x 96Square [1:1]Matte White $859.00
89728W-White72 x 96Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $859.00
89724W-White84 x 84Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $845.00
92662-White84 x 84Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $680.00
89725-White84 x 84Square [1:1]High Power $790.00
89722-White84 x 84Square [1:1]Matte White $680.00
89724-White84 x 84Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $680.00

Customer Reviews

Da Lite 106 inch screen8/15/2012
Inexpensive, easy to mount, great picture
Other Thoughts:
I purchased this screen and it arrived about 2 weeks later. Fast service and the customer service line was good also. Screen arrived via truck carrier so coordinating the delivery was a little more cumbersome than UPS or FedEX but it is a large package. Mounting was as simple as 3 lag bolts into studs an putting screen onto the mounting bracket. I am not using the wall switch but the remote works great and was easy to program a universal remote to operate the screen as well. The picture is brighter and has better colors than when the projector was just shooting on a tan wall.

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