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 Da-Lite 93226-HoneyMaple - $573.00

 92" Diag. 45x80 Model C Projector Screen, HDTV Format, H.C. Matte White Fabric
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92" Diag. 45x80 Model C Projector Screen, HDTV Format, H.C. Matte White Fabric - 93226-HoneyMaple
92" Diag. 45x80 Model C Projector Screen, HDTV Format, H.C. Matte White Fabric - 93226-HoneyMaple

Da-Lite - 93226-HoneyMaple

92" Diag. 45x80 Model C Projector Screen, HDTV Format, H.C. Matte White Fabric

Case Color: Honey Maple
Item# 93226-HoneyMaple
Price: $573.00
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 Product Specifications
Screen Type:
Business, Classroom, Home Theater
HDTV [16:9]
Usually Ships Within:
3-5 Business Days
Diagonal Size (in.):
Viewable Height (in.):
Viewable Width (in.):
Mount Type:
Wall and Ceiling
Front/Rear Projection:
1 Year
Screen Surface:
High Contrast Matte White
Product Line:
Model C

All Da-Lite projector screens are custom built to order and Made in the USA.

Model C

The Da-lite Model C is a heavy duty wall/ceiling screen that is available in sizes up to 12 feet wide. Permanently lubricated steel ball bearings and a heavy duty spring assembly make this screen perfect for large training rooms, houses of worship or large screen home theaters. The Model C is available with a choice of seven veneer finishes to match any d?cor as well as an assortment of fabrics to serve any visual application.

An optional choice of seven veneer finishes are also available from Honey Maple, Medium Oak, Heritage Walnut, Mahogany, Light Oak, Natural Walnut and Cherry. Cases with Honey Maple, Light Oak and Medium Oak finishes come standard with white end caps. Cherry, Mahogany, Natural Walnut and Heritage Walnut cases come with black end caps.

Optional Floating Mounting Brackets allow the Model C to be mounted onto wall or ceiling studs and aligned left or right after installation by releasing two sets of screws. Veneer can also be added to the Floating Mounting Bracket to match a veneer case. Matte White fabric up to and including 10' high will be seamless. Video Spectra 1.5, High Contrast Matte White and Silver Lite 2.5 fabrics available in sizes up to 8' high. High Power fabric available in size up to 9' x 12' and will be seamless in sizes up to 6' high. Pull cord included.

High Contrast Matte White Screen Surface

Designed for moderate output DLP and LCD projectors, this screen surface is a great choice when video images are the main source of information being projected and where ambient light is moderately controlled. With its specially designed gray base material and reflective top surface, this screen material is able to provide very good black levels without sacrificing the white level output. Flame retardant and mildew resistant. Viewing Angle: 50° Gain: 1.1


Product Downloads:

File nameFile type
Model C Info.pdf
Model C Instructions.pdf
Model C Specs.pdf

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77781-White60 x 80Video [4:3]High Power $363.00
40237-White60 x 80Video [4:3]Matte White $253.00
90547-White60 x 80Video [4:3]Silver Lite 2.5 $289.00
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79042-White65 x 116HDTV [16:9]Matte White $476.00
82972-White65 x 116HDTV [16:9]Video Spectra 1.5 $510.00
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78701-White69 x 92Video [4:3]High Power $470.00
40239-White69 x 92Video [4:3]Matte White $358.00
82969-White69 x 92Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $390.00
93216-White70 x 70Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $244.00
77780-White70 x 70Square [1:1]High Power $333.00
75851-White70 x 70Square [1:1]Matte White $219.00
90541-White70 x 70Square [1:1]Silver Lite 2.5 $244.00
82961-White70 x 70Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $244.00
80289-White72 x 96Video [4:3]High Power $464.00
93218-White72 x 96Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $386.00
40247-White72 x 96Video [4:3]Matte White $351.00
82963-White72 x 96Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $386.00
93230-White78 x 139HDTV [16:9]High Contrast Matte White $637.00
79047-White78 x 139HDTV [16:9]High Power $695.00
79043-White78 x 139HDTV [16:9]Matte White $582.00
82973-White78 x 139HDTV [16:9]Video Spectra 1.5 $637.00
93220-White84 x 108Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $414.00
83204-White84 x 108Square [1:1]High Power $486.00
40257-White84 x 108Square [1:1]Matte White $373.00
82965-White84 x 108Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $414.00
93217-White84 x 84Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $268.00
83202-White84 x 84Square [1:1]High Power $351.00
75912-White84 x 84Square [1:1]Matte White $238.00
90542-White84 x 84Square [1:1]Silver Lite 2.5 $268.00
82962-White84 x 84Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $268.00
93225-White87 x 116Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $510.00
83211-White87 x 116Video [4:3]High Power $588.00
77169-White87 x 116Video [4:3]Matte White $476.00
91838-White87 x 116Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $510.00
93221-White96 x 120Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $588.00
83207-White96 x 120Square [1:1]High Power $645.00
40268-White96 x 120Square [1:1]Matte White $533.00
82967-White96 x 120Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $588.00
93219-White96 x 96Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $404.00
83203-White96 x 96Square [1:1]High Power $479.00
40252-White96 x 96Square [1:1]Matte White $367.00
82964-White96 x 96Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $404.00
83212-Black105 x 140Video [4:3]High Power $769.00
83212-Cherry105 x 140Video [4:3]High Power $1,033.00
83212-HeritageWalnut105 x 140Video [4:3]High Power $1,033.00
83212-HoneyMaple105 x 140Video [4:3]High Power $1,033.00
83212-LightOak105 x 140Video [4:3]High Power $1,033.00
83212-Mahogany105 x 140Video [4:3]High Power $1,033.00
83212-MediumOak105 x 140Video [4:3]High Power $1,033.00

Customer Reviews

Very Happy4/7/2009
 Installed in a bar. Great screen for the money. Great size great image. It was quite heavy so be prepared when mounting. Ordered on Monday and they had it delivered by Friday. Great service experience.

Excellent screen for the value.1/8/2009
 We purchased a small Model C screen about 6 months ago for use in our basement instead of a large screen tv. Since we can control the ambient light so well, we didn’t need to go with some crazy expensive fabric. This screen has been amazing since day 1!

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