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 Da-Lite 74653-Black - $172.00

 115" Diag. 69x92 Model B Projector Screen, Video Format, Matte White Fabric
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Da-Lite - 74653-Black

115" Diag. 69x92 Model B Projector Screen, Video Format, Matte White Fabric

Case Color: Black
Item# 74653-Black
Price: $172.00
Average Review: 4 / 5 Stars Click here to read all reviews!
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 Product Specifications
Screen Type:
Business, Classroom, Home Theater
Video [4:3]
Usually Ships Within:
1-2 Business Days
Diagonal Size (in.):
Viewable Height (in.):
Viewable Width (in.):
Mount Type:
Wall and Ceiling
Front/Rear Projection:
1 Year
Screen Surface:
Matte White
Product Line:
Model B

All Da-Lite projector screens are custom built to order and Made in the USA.

Model B

The Da-lite Model B is a durable manual wall/ceiling screen that is perfect for classroom, office or home theatre use. The screen uses an easy pull down system that can be locked at different intervals to accommodate a variety of projection formats. The model B is available in with several screen fabrics that include the standard matte white and high contrast materials. The fiberglass, black backed fabric provides detailed images that compliment sd and HD projectors. Matte White, High Contrast Matte White and Video Spectra 1.5 fabrics will be seamless in all sizes. High Power fabric up to and including 6' high will be seamless.

Matte White Screen Surface

The most versatile and uniform screen surface for front projection when ambient light is controllable. It enables unlimited viewing angles and perfect uniformity while giving precise definition and reproduction of color or black and white. Screen surface is washable with mild soap and water, flame retardant and mildew resistant. Viewing Angle: 60° Gain: 1.0


Product Downloads:

File nameFile type
Model B Info.pdf
Model B Instructions.pdf
Model B Specs.pdf

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73560-Black50 x 50Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $96.00
77323-Black50 x 67Video [4:3]High Power $240.00
74647-Black50 x 67Video [4:3]Matte White $122.00
74648-Black50 x 67Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $143.00
93166-Black52 x 92HDTV [16:9]High Contrast Matte White $215.00
78672-Black52 x 92HDTV [16:9]High Power $288.00
78670-Black52 x 92HDTV [16:9]Matte White $188.00
78671-Black52 x 92HDTV [16:9]Video Spectra 1.5 $211.00
93162-Black57 x 77Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $175.00
82390-Black57 x 77Video [4:3]High Power $263.00
74650-Black57 x 77Video [4:3]Matte White $153.00
74651-Black57 x 77Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $175.00
93154-Black60 x 60Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $115.00
77320-Black60 x 60Square [1:1]High Power $209.00
40184-Black60 x 60Square [1:1]Matte White $97.00
73561-Black60 x 60Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $115.00
93163-Black60 x 80Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $179.00
77324-Black60 x 80Video [4:3]High Power $272.00
40194-Black60 x 80Video [4:3]Matte White $153.00
73637-Black60 x 80Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $179.00
93164-Black69 x 92Video [4:3]High Contrast Matte White $202.00
77325-Black69 x 92Video [4:3]High Power $290.00
74654-Black69 x 92Video [4:3]Video Spectra 1.5 $200.00
77321-Black70 x 70Square [1:1]High Power $224.00
40188-Black70 x 70Square [1:1]Matte White $100.00
73562-Black70 x 70Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $123.00
93157-Black84 x 84Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $164.00
83222-Black84 x 84Square [1:1]High Power $275.00
40197-Black84 x 84Square [1:1]Matte White $149.00
83225-Black84 x 84Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $164.00
93159-Black96 x 96Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $210.00
83224-Black96 x 96Square [1:1]High Power $308.00
40208-Black96 x 96Square [1:1]Matte White $185.00
83227-Black96 x 96Square [1:1]Video Spectra 1.5 $200.00
33420-White72 x 72Square [1:1]Matte White $98.00
33422-White72 x 72Square [1:1]High Contrast Matte White $119.00

Customer Reviews

Good Product, no problems6/6/2013
good product
could not use need the tripod fits my needs better.

Great Screen3/22/2013
Great screen for the price

below par1/22/2013
Black case. Screen effectively reflects light.
Winding mechanism can barely pull in the screen. I have to stand on a stool and push the screen back into the case by hand. It’s like the screen is too rigid or something.
Other Thoughts:
I have another Da-Lite screen that works great. No idea what the deal is here.

Fastest Service8/31/2012
Very descriptive item pages.
Easy to follow navigation
Fast Shipping
Their e-mail system was a little slow, I got the item from UPS 2 days before I got an e-mail about it shipping! (Don’t think that is necessarily a con though)
Other Thoughts:
Great service. Will definitely use them again in the future.

Great Service8/11/2012
Great Screen, just what we needed for our meeting room. Easy to hang. Great service and proce form the Projector Screen Store.

Projector Screen4/17/2012
I purchased the screen for our Sunday School Class. We are very pleased with it.

Model B series3/14/2012
Service was excellent. Barely blinked my eyes, and the screens were here. Thanks!

size, thickness,
Other Thoughts:
This was a very easy site to navigate and the item I purchased was quickly delivered and very good quality.

 Perfect 10x16 for classroom projection of widescreen computer monitor

 Customer service is very helpful, and ordering was easy, delivery is fast.

Da-Lite 69x92 Model B 746535/19/2011
 We like this wall mounted screen in our conference room. It’s big enough for all to see, pulls down and goes up easily and quietly. And the price was very reasonable.

Almost what I wanted5/6/2011
 The screen installed easy and works well but I have to install it over a large window because we have a lot of windows in our living room. The only problem is that light from the window comes thru the screen during the daylight hours. My screen that I took down was the same mfg. but smaller . I did not have this problem with the old screen. Same window and same conditions. The screen has only been installed one day. So will see how it goes. Steve

 Came in on time and exactly what we wanted. Shopped around and easier and cheaper to order from you.

60 x 80 Pull Down5/2/2011
 Received in good condition. Works very well. Am pleased with the purchase and the price.

 We needed a screen for a series of presentations in less than a week - including installation time. I called the Sales number to order one brand of screen and the salesman was great about informing me of a better screen that would be delivered to us when we needed it for relatively the same price. He was correct. We received it exactly on time and it was very high quality. Our only complaint is the odor that the screen gives off. It gets less with time if you keep it pulled down, but for the first few meetings we had to have fans running and the door open.

Da-Lite Model B4/7/2011
 Service was excellent! Our order was built the day we ordered and shipped the next day! Our congregation appreciates the service and really enjoys the screen! Thank you, Tim Gendron Lifesong Community Church Osseo, MI

Great Screen3/28/2011
 After speaking with a customer service rep (very helpful), we ordered the Model B series screen. The screen is beautiful. No wrinkles, no rolls, no glare. I am verry pleased with this product, and would recommend it to others.

Happy Customer9/29/2010
 As a business owner I am constantly reminding our employees that the main thing that differs us from our competitors is customer service. The massive selection, fair price and quick delivery tells me that customer service is also important to the Projector Screen store.

Daylite50x50 Model B 401809/6/2010
 great product. suited my needs well. Good screen size for office presentations. Fast and good delivery. Pricing is good too.

 We received our items quickly and complete. We needed to be able to purchase for a tax exempt customer and that was worked out very smoothly as well. Thanks!

 Prompt shipment, arrived with no damage what-so-ever. Great screen, smooth projection, no glare, off axis view is very clear with no discernible image degradation. Retraction mechanism works well. Very good projector screen with a very affordable price.

Great Screen for the Price7/28/2010
 I ended up with this screen looking for one on short notice and it was in stock. It came on time as promised, and turned out to significantly exceed my expectations. It is being used to project scores during daylight hours in a gun club with a lot of unavoidable natural light. I was worried it would wash out with all the ambient lighting but scores are crisp, clean and viewable from a great distance. Terrific screen terrific price and terrific service from Alltec.

Good job!6/21/2010
 Price affordable. Service was excellent. Quality product. Very glad you can offer all of this in this difficult economic enviroment of today.

quick and simple installation3/1/2010
 The screen was a excellent purchase, with the use of the T-Bar clips the installation was quick and easy. I may not have mounted it level as when it rolls up it does not roll up straigh, but hanging 9 to 10 ft in the air who cares. the quality of the picture is better than the old portable screen that we were using. very good product for the price.

I’m Officiall Now!1/10/2010
 The screen looks great. Arrived in great condition. Took it longer than expected but it was during the holidays. For the past 4yrs, before I brought the screen, I was just using the wall and the picture was great. Now with the screen the picture looks even better. Whites really pop, sometimes too well. It was an easy install once I determined the mounting location. The black version is a strong and solid black looks great with black electronics and furniture. Like most manual screens, it can be a pain to close but I’m fairly satisfied. Had to take a star off for that.

DaLite Projector screen12/2/2009
 No complaints so far. Shipping was really quick .Seems to be very good product for the price. Support also took time to explain differences prior to my order.

70 inch10/28/2009
 easy use clear pix easy maint how much more would you want forgot price reel good too

Student Center9/30/2009
 I was pleasantly surprised at the good quality of this screen. You normally don’t expect this kind of quality for the relatively low price. Plus, easy installation. The 50 x 50 size was just right to where it was being installed but i would definitely get something bigger if the wall was bigger. I would pruchase again.

Projection Screens9/29/2009
 What a nice discovery to find this source. The price was better than what I could find from contracted vendors, shipping was FREE, and delivery was prompt.

Outstanding Customer Care6/12/2009
 Originally ordered a different screen which was back ordered for over one month. The customer service person helped me find a substitute and price matched the original screen. The screen arrived extremely fast with no shipping charge. It was easy to mount o0n the wall and has been a great addition to our office.Thanks!

Projection screen5/12/2009
 Great service! The screen serves us well! I would purchase the product again.

Da-Lite 70x70 Model B 40188 - Matte White Fabric - Square Format Projector Scree4/8/2009
 Da-Lite 70x70 Model B 40188 - Matte White Fabric - Square Format Projector Screen I was surprised how quick we received it. It is a nice looking screen and works real well. The price is right. I will recommend your product to others. I will also be ordering from you when I set up a couple of our other conference rooms. Nice product for the price. Thx Ed F.

Dalite Projection Screen4/7/2009
 I had not ordered from your company before and I wasn’t sure what I would recieve but to my surprise and my teachers the screen was such a buy and of solid quality. After other teachers saw the quality of the screen they want on too. Thank you for the fast service and a good product.

Great Service4/7/2009
 Ordered two projector screens for office presentations; both arrived in only two days after placing the order! They even followed up with the vendor to make sure the screens had shipped, since we needed them for a presentation. Excellent service and perfect screens for the office.

Chaple Screen3/9/2009
 The screen we ordered came at a most opertune time to be used for our board with very little modification then plsced in our chapel. The color refelcation and clairity is very good. We are very pleased overall. The color of the shell blends so close most people did not know it was there till used Thank you very mush for the great service Doug Kittleson

Office Theater Screen3/6/2009
 When I receved my screen I was amased how well built it was. It has worked perfecty happy with my Dlite screen. I am going to buy a very large screen for our Church.

Great Home Theatre Screen3/6/2009
 This screen is a great investment for someone looking to improve their home theatre experience. I belong to a DIY community that often makes their own screens for the same price (and sometimes a little less) that I purchaced this one for. This screen has far better gain and resolution than anything I have seen the DIY community produce, so I am promoting this screen and the projector store on the forums I frequent.

Perfect for my application2/10/2009
 I purchased the Model B to hang in my confrence room. There is majority glass on two sides of the room and I do my presentations during the day. I am achieving excellent picture quality and brightness from my competer projected images. The screens housing is very clean and compact. I would purchase this product again.

 I found these screens for my home theater and have since put them in all our classrooms (16). The teachers and I are very happy with them.

so far so good1/8/2009
 this screen comes down and goes up smoothly and quietly. don’t know if it will stand the test of time but for now, great.

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