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 Elite Screens M71UWS1 - $79.99

 Manual Series 71" Diag. (50x50) Wall/Ceiling Projector Screen, Square Format, MaxWhite Fabric
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Manual Series 71" Diag. (50x50) Wall/Ceiling Projector Screen, Square Format, MaxWhite Fabric - M71UWS1
Manual Series 71" Diag. (50x50) Wall/Ceiling Projector Screen, Square Format, MaxWhite Fabric - M71UWS1

Elite Screens - M71UWS1

Manual Series 71" Diag. (50x50) Wall/Ceiling Projector Screen, Square Format, MaxWhite Fabric

Black Case
Item# M71UWS1
Price: $79.99
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 Product Specifications
Elite Screens
Screen Type:
Business, Classroom
Square [1:1]
Usually Ships Within:
3-5 Business Days
Diagonal Size (in.):
Viewable Height (in.):
Viewable Width (in.):
Mount Type:
Wall and Ceiling
Front/Rear Projection:
2 Year
Screen Surface:
Product Line:

Manual Series Wall/Ceiling Mountable Manual Pull Down Projection Screen

The Elite Manual Pull-down series front projection screen is a great cost effective retractable screen with a dual case design for wall or ceiling installation. Perfect for residential, business, or educational applications. Its designed for wall and ceiling installation, L-Brackets are optional. Features an auto locking mechanism to provide variable height settings. Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction.

MaxWhite screen material is the most versatile screen surface for front projection presentations. This material provides the widest possible viewer angles with perfect diffusion uniformity while giving precise definition, image color

Additional Specifications

  • Diagonal: 71"
  • Manual Pull Down
  • 160° Viewing Angle
  • Black Casing
  • Green Guard Certified
  • Includes: Lanyard String
  • Overall Dimensions: 60.4" H x 56.4" W x 2.7" D

  • Standard 2-year parts & labor warranty
  • 3-year warranty for GEMR (Government, Education, Military and Religious) - US only

Elite Screens is an award winning manufacturer of projector screens for today's retail consumer. They provide numerous model types, aspect ratios and sizes with twice the industry standard in warranty coverage. The Alltec Stores professional staff have contributed greatly to this role as one of the leading resellers of projection screens for the retail market.
Barry Coles
Vice President
Elite Screens

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