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 Elite Screens VMAX135UWH2 - $649.99

 VMAX2 Series 135" Diag. (66x118) Electric Projector Screen, HDTV Format, MaxWhite Fabric
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Elite Screens - VMAX135UWH2

VMAX2 Series 135" Diag. (66x118) Electric Projector Screen, HDTV Format, MaxWhite Fabric

Black Case
Item# VMAX135UWH2
Price: $649.99
Average Review: 4 / 5 Stars Click here to read all reviews!
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 Product Specifications
Elite Screens
Screen Type:
Business, Home Theater
HDTV [16:9]
Usually Ships Within:
3-5 Business Days
Diagonal Size (in.):
Viewable Height (in.):
Viewable Width (in.):
Mount Type:
Wall and Ceiling
Front/Rear Projection:
2 Year
Screen Surface:
Product Line:
VMAX2 Series

VMAX 2 Series Wall/Ceiling Mountable Electric Projection Screen

VMAX 2 Series is an enhanced multi-purpose electric/motorized screen. The VMAX screen material "Max White" is the most common material for today's new projectors with a 1.1 Gain and a 160° wide viewing angle. Our VMAX 2 comes standard with various control options such as IR, RF controllers, low voltage 3 way wall switch and 12 volt trigger port that uses a standard a RJ45 connection. A synchronized motor allows silent operation with extended operational longevity and low power consumption. It comes standard with a 6"Inch standard top black masking. 6-18" Inch optional L-Brackets, and In Ceiling Trim Kit are available for installation.

MaxWhite screen material is the most versatile screen surface for front projection presentations. This material provides the widest possible viewer angles with perfect diffusion uniformity while giving precise definition, image color reproduction and black & white contrast. Screen surface has black-backing to avoid light penetration and can be cleaned safely with mild soap and water. Woven screen material is a multi-layer, cross-array coated with a matte white reflective compound.

Additional Specifications

  • Diagonal: 135"
  • Electric Screen
  • 160° Viewing Angle
  • Black Casing
  • Green Guard Certified
  • Includes: IR/ RF Remotes, 3-Way Wall Switch, 12V Trigger, IR Eye Reciever
  • Overall Dimensions: 81.6" H x 130.8" W x 3.1" D

  • Standard 2-year parts & labor warranty
  • 3-year warranty for GEMR (Government, Education, Military and Religious) - US only

Elite Screens is an award winning manufacturer of projector screens for today's retail consumer. They provide numerous model types, aspect ratios and sizes with twice the industry standard in warranty coverage. The Alltec Stores professional staff have contributed greatly to this role as one of the leading resellers of projection screens for the retail market.
Barry Coles
Vice President
Elite Screens

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ZCEV100V-V92H-V113SIn-Ceiling Installation Trim Kit for VMAX 2 and Spectrum Series Screens - ZCEV100V-V92H-V113S$149.99
VMAX135XWH2-E2466 x 118HDTV [16:9]MaxWhite $729.99
VMAX106XWH2-E2452 x 92HDTV [16:9]MaxWhite $489.99
VMAX200UWV PLUS4120 x 160Video [4:3]MaxWhite $2,139.99
VMAX200XWH PLUS498 x 174Video [4:3]MaxWhite $1,729.99
VMAX200XWS PLUS4141 x 141Square [1:1]MaxWhite $1,875.99
VMAX200XWV PLUS4120 x 160Video [4:3]MaxWhite $1,875.99
VMAX235UWS PLUS4166 x 166Square [1:1]MaxWhite $2,789.99
VMAX235XWH PLUS4115 x 205HDTV [16:9]MaxWhite $2,869.99
VMAX235XWS PLUS4166 x 166Square [1:1]MaxWhite $2,789.99
VMAX265XWV PLUS4159 x 212Video [4:3]MaxWhite $3,209.99
VMAX165XWV299 x 132Video [4:3]MaxWhite $1,039.99
VMAX166XWH281 x 144HDTV [16:9]MaxWhite $989.99

Customer Reviews

It fits great and looks awesome in our sanctuary at church. Great looking colors, it’s also very quite will opening and closing it.

Best price2/27/2013
customer support, ease of use, price.
remote base needs to have option to change length, or install where customer needs...
Other Thoughts:
perfect for what we needed, was in stock and shipped quickly.

My overall experience was good

My new screen 1/22/2013
The screen is well constructed.Electric motor works great; quiet and smooth. Great product for the money!!
Screen is
Can’t think of any.

Great selection and prices
It would be helpful to keep your customers informed of order status. After I placed my order online, I got a email conformation, but then never heard another word about the order. several days later I had to call and find out what was going on.

Vmax2 series Screens11/8/2012
Came promptly, well packed. Instalation was easy. the screen works as described, beautiful pictures even with a lot of reflected sunlight in a church. All the board members were impressed and aprove. The motor is very quiet.
The speed at which it comes down is not excedingly fast but it is smooth without problems. There were no complaints from our church. Some may want a "speed deamon" for fast down, but the extra 3-4 sec. really makes no difference. The pros far outweigh the moderate speed of the motor.
Other Thoughts:
For the cost, this is a very good deal, great product, great company to work with. All in all a pleasant experience.

Great product7/9/2012
Easy to install, very quiet motor, nice material.
The motor is a bit slow but understandable.
Other Thoughts:
Installed product in less than an hour with 2 persons because the 8 foot screen is too much for one person to hold and drill. Operates in minutes.

Conference Room3/26/2012
Our maintenance department installed the screen in less than an hour – this included running the electrical to the ceiling. It looks very professional and the remote works wonderful! I am thrilled to have the ‘pull-down’ screen replaced!

Great Experiance3/15/2012
Easy Install, Inexpensive
Other Thoughts:
This was a great screen at a good price. I figured there was a catch but there wasnt. Was easy to install except attic access in our conference room is not that great. Plugged it in and it worked. Will be hooking up the 12V trigger to the projector soon but dont have the proper adaptor for the projector end right now.

Shipped quick and got here with no damage.

great screen3/3/2012
great product for that kind of price,nice like it

Very nice Screen1/12/2012
We are very pleased with this screen, we purchased it for our church. The motor is quiet, the RF remote works from anywhere in the room of a 300 seat sanctuary.
Non yet, we have only had it for a few weeks

Great Screen!12/14/2011
 Was amazed at how quiet the motor was on this unit. Is a great looking screen that will be great for our church.

Very Happy11/22/2011
 This is my first screen so I’m no expert, but I love it. The quality is there. Projector Screen Store Store customer service had it shipped to Alaska without a scratch, and it arrived much faster than I thought. All in all it’s been on of my most pleasant on-line transactions.

Wonderful Product11/19/2011
 I purchased the VMAX2 screen with a white case for the church I attend. We just got the screen up and so far it is working wonderfully. I am excited about the many uses we will have for utilizing the screen with our new projector. The screen arrived as ordered and in great condition. The order was easy to place and the delivery was made within a weeks time. This was great for free ground shipping. Thanks for a great product!!

VMAX2 Review9/23/2011
 I am very satisfied with the ease of use of the website, very easy to navigate. The screen was a bit damaged when it arrived due to some event during shipping however the damage did not affect the functionality of the screen, only the cosmetic appearance. Over all I had a very positive experiance and will use Projector Screen Stores again as my need arises.

Elite Screen8/20/2011
 This screen is great! Hung it from the ceiling, plugged it in and it was ready. I am using the RF remote because the IR remote does not work most likely because of the lighting in the auditorium.

 Received in good condition. Installation was quick, screen performs well. Included two separate remotes and a wall switch, remote heaven.

Elite Electric Screen8/5/2011
 Fast shipping with great customer service. Screen arrived with no problems.

Great Screen Great Value3/21/2011
 We got the screen very quickly after ordering, The shipping company helped unload and place it for us. We were very pleased. Everything was in the box, Easy directions, easy set up, Works Great, After shopping around it was the best price we could find on line and even from a local distributor. Will use them again.

 Haven’t actually gotten the chance to view on the screen as the casing was too long for the wall so I have to send it back. I really am not happy with the return policy and all the fees and shipping it cost to send it back and get it replaced. I will send it back but will order a new screen from a different vendor.. I feel if I replace the screen with another, I shouldnt have to pay all the fees.

Excellent buying experience!3/6/2011
 I couldn’t have asked for a better buying experience. I knew that I needed a motorized screen but have never purchased one before and had no idea which one to buy. I called and spoke with a sales representitive who knew exactly what questions to ask and was able to narrow the choice down to just 2 units that would suit our needs. I went back to the AllTec website the next day and made my purchase online. Again, this was an easy and simple process. Shipping was FREE and fast. I haven’t installed the screen yet but everything about my purchase up to this point has been great. If you need a projector screen or any other A/V equipment, I highly recommend giving Alltec a try.

Elite Vmax2 series-100"1/2/2011
 After many weeks of research, I picked this make and model screen for a gift. The product is a five star quality screen and is everything you would hope it would be. My only "needs for improvement" - the instruction manual from elite screens was not helpful at all..And the remotes did not work but we found they came with dead batteries, you should consider sending them without the batteries.. Once in place (on the ceiling), hit the remote to lower the screen then the WOW factor hit us all !!

Great Value11/2/2010
 Replaced old screen with this great product. Very easy install. Works great. Very quiet operation. Instruction book was short on information concerning the different remote controls, but one easy call to tech support cleared it all up. Great buy for the money. No need to spend more!

Great Screen9/9/2010
 Excellent screen for the price. Not sure why you’d need to spend the money for some of the others out there.

 I ordered the Elite VMax 2 screen for our church. Our experience with Alltec Stores was great. The VMax 2 screen was processed and shipped promptly and arrived in perfect condition. We installed it in the ceiling and the installation was quick and simple. I especially like the case. Unlike most bulky screen cases this screen case is slim and unobtrusive. I also like that this screen came with all controlls included in the price, which by the way, was the best I found after a lot of research. The screen is great and opperation is simple and very quiet. Thanks Alltec....

Great Screen, Great Price!5/20/2010
 Well, we are very happy with our projector screen! Every one at our church loved it. Easy to install, very quite, and our size 84"-64" it was just the right size for our Sanctuary.

I Love Our Screen3/15/2010
 I had so many doubts as I’ve never purchased a screen before and they affect so many factors. We just love this screen. It was more than we expected and all that we wanted. So easy to set up and I loved the feeling when I pushed the down button for the first time. Oh Yes!

great price and product3/7/2010
 Screen arrived as scheduled. Alltecs price was the best out there and the order process was a breeze.

Elite Vmax2 Electric screen2/1/2010
 Great product. Very easy to install. The motor is very quiet. I love the flexibility of multiple remotes and a fixed wired switch. The image from our Dell projector on this screen is excellent. Alltec shipment was quick and I am looking at adding another screen from Alltec as soon as my second conference room is ready for one.

 This screen exceeded our expectations! Installation was so simple! The screen takes a little longer than I expected to go up & down, but it works great! I love that the white viewing area of the screen is framed in black - this adds contrast & makes the presentation pop! I highly recommend this screen. In addition, Alltec is a great company to work with - customer service is outstanding!

150 inch 16:9 Vmax210/20/2009
 The screen is good quality and solidly built. Being 143 Inch long in this case, was little heavy to mount. Mounting was still easy though. I think it could use some support in the middle as well. It would also be good if there was a hook included to hang from the ceiling. I wanted to mount 1 inch away from the wall so that weight rod does not scratch the wall while dropping or lifting. Included manual, and instructions were also limited, web search for FAQ and support was helpful though. (No information was included on adjusting height etc, but its available online) Screen quality and material is great. I am considering another non powered screen for outdoor use during summer for movie under the stars :-)

easy install/great product9/26/2009
 This screen took less time to mount than it did to set up the ladder. Very easy to mount. Exactly as stated on product quality and description. All inclusive remotes are awesome. Thank You Alltec for such a great value.

120 x 120 screen5/11/2009
 Works like a charm. We had it up in about 20 minutes. I especially appreciate that the unit came with all three remote operating modes (pushbutton, RF & IR) at no extra charge.

great product, even better price!4/7/2009
 These screens work extremely well. I looked around for quite a while and couldn’t find anything else electric for anywhere near this price. Easy installation, great image, and excellent customer service!

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