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 Consumer Priority Service PRV2-2500 - $123.50

 2 Year Pro Video under $2,500.00
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Consumer Priority Service - PRV2-2500

2 Year Pro Video under $2,500.00

Item# PRV2-2500
Price: $123.50
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Covers professional video equipment. Including but not limited to Video Cameras, Video Monitors, Video Editing, Video Conferencing, Motorized Projector Screens and Mixing Boards etc.

Nobody wants to think about potential problems with the brand new products they buy. When you are replacing that old refrigerator because of the sound it started to make, the last on your mind is the replacement unit having a similar problem. You expect the replacement you are buying will perform flawlessly for years to come. Unfortunately, we don't live in that perfect world. Whenever purchasing consumer electronics or appliances you always have to be aware of their limitations.

The fact is, if you're investing in a new product and expect it to last a few years, only you can insure that expectation. Most manufacturers limit their liability on repairing their products to one year, which is one of the ways they're able to lower prices. Lower prices are good, except for the fact that shorter warranty periods often accompany that lower price. It should not come as a surprise that most problems occur after the manufacturer's warranty period expires. If you're like most people, you don't want to deal with the inevitable problems consumer electronics and appliances run into. Who should I call? How can I avoid the serviceman's inspection fee? How can I transport this item to a repair center? People prefer to have peace of mind.

Folks like us want complete hassle free coverage and fast repair service! A CPS service plan guarantees that you get years of performance from your new products and more importantly you have complete, prepaid coverage just in case you should need it.

Over the past few years, CPS has built a network of over 12,000 authorized service centers across the United States who can fix any problems you may encounter. To be part of the CPS network, service centers must demonstrate quick and efficient repairs coupled with outstanding five star customer services. Our qualifications are stringent so that your experience is one that will leave a positive impression of our company. The coverage provided by CPS is all-inclusive, parts and labor, with absolutely No Deductibles.

If you need to request a repair, just call CPS at the number located on your membership card, or log onto For your convenience, you may file a claim at any time - day or night. Depending on your coverage length, CPS will protect your product up to five full years after the manufacturer warranty expires. CPS offers carry-in, door-to-door, as well as in home service all performed with lightning speed and certified reliability. That's why many larger Consumer Electronics and Appliance dealers rely on Consumer Priority Service as a total solutions service provider. With a CPS extended service plan membership you will never have an out of pocket expense for an approved repair.

With all of these benefits packed into the fairly priced CPS protection plan it is very hard to deny yourself the protection your new equipment needs. With today's ever-changing technology and the rising costs of repair, there really is only one decision you need to make. How long do you want your guaranteed product protection to be?

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