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Elite Screens Sable Frame 2 Series 106" Diag. (52" x 92") Fixed Frame Projector Screen, HDTV Format, CineWhite Fabric

Item Number: ER106WH2
Projector Screen Frame Color: Black Frame

Price: $455.00
Usually Ships in 1-2 Business Days
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    ER106WH2" data-price="455.00" data-currency="USD" data-name="Elite Screens Sable Frame 2 Series 106" Diag. (52" x 92") Fixed Frame Projector Screen, HDTV Format, CineWhite Fabric" data-url="/Projector-Screens/Elite-Screens-SableFrame-2-Series-106-Diag-52x92-Fixed-Frame-Projector-Screen-HDTV-Format-CineWhite-Fabric-ER106WH2-76145.html" data-image-url="/shared/images/products/elite/sable.jpg" data-description="##ITEMDESCRIPTION##">

    SableFrame 2 Series Fixed Frame Home Theater Front Projection Screen

    SableFrame 2 entry level fixed frame Home Theater Projector Screen with full tension uniformity for today's entry level Home Cinema 720P and 1080P projectors. Comes with a black velveteen coated surfacing, 2.4" thickness frame to enhance the appearance with the stylish marked border that absorbs light overshoot. 106" Inch diagonal with our 1.1 Gain CineWhite, Black backed material, 16:9 Aspect Ratio Screen. A new design feature for the CineWhite material is a rubber-edge border that makes installation a lot easier and a lot less time consuming. As an added bonus, a new installation kit is included free of charge.

    Product Information

    • Screen Size: 106" Diagonal

    • Viewable Screen Area: 52" x 92"(HxW)

    • Product Type - Operation: Fixed Frame - Wall Mounted

    • Aspect Ratio: HDTV (16:9) Format

    • Projector Screen Surface: CineWhite Fabric

    • Projector Screen Frame Color: 2.4" Black Velveteen Coated Frame

    • Installation kit includes: Woods screws & anchors, Wall Brackets, Screwdriver, Mallet

    • Overall Dimensions: 56.7" H x 97.1" W x 1.6" D

    Elite Screens SableFrame2 Series Product Information


    • Standard 2-year parts & labor warranty
    • 3-year warranty for GEMR (Government, Education, Military and Religious) - US only


    (Tension Matte White) has broad light dispersion through diffusion uniformity, black & white contrast and true color rendition making it the most versatile in Elite's tensions screen product lines. This tension PVC surface is the best choice for today's high-contrast ratio projectors in commercial or residential presentations. The CineWhite material equals the performance to our MaxWhite product, but improves the experience with the superior surface flatness. Uniform diffusion surface has black-backing to eliminate light penetration and is easily washable with mild soap and water.