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The Projector Screen Store has a full selection of electric, motorized green screens designed to help you create the perfect video and photo environment while not disrupting the use of your regular space. We stock options for your small, custom shoots as well as screens large enough to cover your entire wall and give you some walking room.

ChromaKey screen options ensure you?ll limit glare and reflections so that your immersive environment doesn?t break and you become what shines in each video. Depending on your location and the type of content you create, we offer both green and blue screens for specialty applications, as well as your everyday videos.

Avoid all the concerns with pulling down your screen and setting it to the proper height by opting for electric green screens to meet your content needs. Let the adventure be the video itself, and not the setup process.

Products 1-72 of 160
Products 1-72 of 160

Benefits of a Motorized Green Screen

We recommend electric retractable green screens, as well as the floor versions of our motorized green screens, based on the needs of your space and who will be using the green screens. An installed unit can make a world of difference when you?re trying to create the perfect video or take the right photo to show off what you?ve got.

Here are a few of the chief benefits our customers have expressed about electric green screens:

  • Setup is simple. After you?ve installed your motorized green screen, it takes just a quick press of a button to have your screen come down to the perfect spot. Most of our installation options take just a few minutes and are designed for a wide range of room and building types.
  • The second video is much, much easier. It?ll take some time to get your cameras and lighting right for the first video or photo you shoot, but everything else will take a lot less time. You can leave your equipment in place or mark where it goes for the right shot, because your screen will come down in the same location each time.
  • Keep things safe. Electric green screens are designed not to snag, bend or wear out, even when used daily. So, you?re avoiding potential issues of a screen that slides down on its own or won?t retract all the way when you pull on its string. Electric screens also skip out on the height adjustment problems, because you?re able to easily adjust the length and then lock it.
  • Spaces are easier to use. What if your office is also your video studio? A retractable screen makes it easy to keep your shots consistent, but also allows you to put the screen away to keep using your space when you?re not doing a new video.

Motorized green screens are major problem-solvers and can make your entire production process a lot easier, especially for those of you in dual-purpose spaces.

Take a look at the selection above to see what works best for you, or use our online chat tool with help selecting the right size and other options based on your location.