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HamiltonBuhl AudioStar ALPHA - 6 Station Listening Center with USB, CD, Cassette, Radio Player and CD/Tape-to-MP3 converter Boombox

Item Number: LCAS2

Price: $246.50
In Stock

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    LCAS2" data-price="246.50" data-currency="USD" data-name="HamiltonBuhl AudioStar ALPHA - 6 Station Listening Center with USB, CD, Cassette, Radio Player and CD/Tape-to-MP3 converter Boombox" data-url="/hamiltonbuhl-audiostar-alpha-6-station-listening-center-with-usb-cd-cassette-radio-player-and-cd/tape-to-mp3-converter.html" data-image-url="/Shared/Images/Product/HamiltonBuhl-AudioStar-ALPHA-6-Station-Listening-Center-with-USB-CD-Cassette-Radio-Player-and-CD-Tape-to-MP3-converter-Boombox/1941__66228.1519414887.jpg" data-description="##ITEMDESCRIPTION##">
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    6 Station Listening Center With Deluxe Headphones

    The AudioStar Alpha Listening Center is a complete listening center for up to 6 students.

    This versatile listening center includes one AudioStar media player, SC-7V deluxe headphones, an eight position jackbox and a portable lockable carrying case.

    The AudioStar? from HamiltonBuhl is a unique boombox that plays everything from old technology like AM/FM radio and cassette tapes to the latest including CDs and MP3 files on CD or USB stick.

    And now, it has a built-in tape and CD-to-MP3 converter allowing you to convert all your tapes and CDs to MP3 files recorded onto a USB stick without a computer!

    Featuring programmable CD player with repeat play, dual power AC or batteries, cassette player/recorder with ability to record from CD or radio to a cassette tape, cassette-tape to MP3 converter and it's exclusive set of six 3.5mm headphone jacks located on the back of the unit, the AudioStar? is a powerhouse unit making it an excellent choice for classroom listening centers. Just add headphones and you are set!

    Paired together with our stereo jackbox and the best-selling SC-7V deluxe headphones featuring on ear volume control, soft leatherette cushions, swivel ear cups and our chew, knot and kink-resistant Dura-Cord?, you have a versatile multimedia listening center ideal in any classroom setting!

    Listening Center Includes:

    (1) AudioStar CD/USB/Cassette/Radio boombox with built-in tape and CD-to-MP3 converter
    (6) SC-7V Deluxe Headphones
    (1) Eight Position Jack Box with volume control
    (1) Compact plastic carry case