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MANUAL PULL DOWN GREEN SCREENS are special effects/video production screens used for layering backgrounds or video streams together. commonly used in weather forecasts, modern motion pictures with CGI, or newscasts with computer generated maps and graphics. So if you need to change the backgrounds behind your still or video images, these green and blue screens easy pull down and retract from the screen casing, like an old fashioned window shade. Looking for something portable, browse from our portable green screen solutions, or from our motorized electric green screens for an effortless solution - Whatever your need, Projector Screen Store has the right green screen for you!

Please use our convenient GREEN SCREEN FILTER functionality on the left hand side of your screen to narrow your search by TYPE, SIZE or product PRICE! For help finding the right green screen or a custom product, please call 1-800-637-3181 or LIVE CHAT with a sales professional.

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Products 1-39 of 39

About Draper Pull Down Green Screens and Blue Screens From the Projector Screen Store

Whether your business requires video conferencing and you're seeking a way to give your presentations more flair and professionalism, or you're a filmmaker looking to make higher-quality films and videos, Draper Chroma Key Green and Blue Screens, available now from the Projector Screen Store, can provide the solution.

Roll up green screens and blue screens can turn your office or video project location into a production studio, then back to its original appearance once you're done by simply rolling the screen away.

Impress Your Audience

With Draper Pull Down Green Screens and Blue Screens, you can project any background for your video conference presentation or other video production. For video conferencing, this means you can turn a drab or unprofessional background into one that will impress just about any audience, or add unique graphics to make your presentation unforgettable.

For video production, you can make a short film, instructional video or other project that might otherwise seem amateurish into a professional-looking production, with exotic and interesting locales for your backdrop that might not otherwise be in your budget.

The Projector Screen Store prides itself on having the most knowledge and the best customer service when it comes to projector screens. Take the time to look over our wide variety of screens and choose the right one for you.


Our roll up green screens and blue screens come in a range of sizes, with heights and widths spanning from 70" all the way to 144". Which size you choose will depend on your available space, your projector and how wide or tall a background you wish to present. You're sure to find one that fits your needs among our offerings.


The Projector Screen Store offers Draper pull down green screens in Square Format, with a 1:1 ratio, or AV Format, a versatile technology that can accommodate a variety of projector types. If you're using a non-digital overhead projector, the Square Format is a good choice.

For other types of projections with different aspect ratios, you may prefer the AV Format. The Square Format can accommodate other ratios, but it may not be as good a fit.


The blue screen is the "classic" version, while the green screen has become more in vogue of late, especially for digital camera film production. Both are highly effective, and your choice will usually be a matter of personal preference and of what colors will be in front of the screen.If your presenters, performers or props will have a significant amount of green, opt for the blue screen, and vice versa.


Choose from the Luma 2 line or the Silhouette Series M. If you're seeking a simple but durable, heavy-duty, manual spring roller-operated projector screen, opt for the Luma 2, which comes in an attractive and scratch-resistant pentagonal steel case with a white polyester finish and matching endcaps. The endcaps serve as hanging brackets when attaching the screen to the wall or celling.

Meanwhile, the Silhouette is a sleeker and more streamlined screen with a more modern design and an aluminum case, with endcaps that can be standard white, black or gray to suit your decor.

Browse our selection of Draper pull down green screens and blue screens and order yours today. If you're having trouble deciding which one is right for you, please contact us. The Projector Screen Store has the most knowledgeable and service-focused staff in the business, and we're eager to help you find just the right screen for your needs.