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Next-Generation Hydroponic LED GrowLight - STEAM Education

Item Number: HGLITE

Price: $259.00
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    HGLITE" data-price="259.00" data-currency="USD" data-name="Next-Generation Hydroponic LED GrowLight - STEAM Education" data-url="/next-generation-hydroponic-led-growlight-steam-education" data-image-url="/shared/images/product/HGLITE-01__20016.1560267799.jpg" data-description="##ITEMDESCRIPTION##">
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    STEAM Education, Next-Generation Hydroponic LED GrowLight From HamiltonBuhl

    Get students of any age engaged in planting and tending their very own community garden. What are they learning? They are beginning to grasp the fundamental concepts about science and the natural world - how much water is optimal for various plants, how temperature and lighting variable affect growth, different stages of growth, what roots are for, how plant growth changes with the seasons, and other variables for growing healthy plants.

    This is the foundation of environmental science and botany. Improve critical thinking skills, problem solving, and watch as children learn through trial and error.

    Not every school can accommodate a gardening space, but now every school can easily provide these critical child development experiences, bringing more STEAM education to their students. The Next Generation Hydroponic LED GrowLight Kit includes everything needed to get started creating a community garden, anywhere. It uses the latest LED light and hydroponic technology to increase yield and speed up growth.

    Take photosynthesis from being an abstract concept and give kids a chance to see it taking place, first-hand.

    Unique Features

    Growth is completely contained in the GrowLight unit.

    Easy to set-up, maintain and keep clean

    No soil needed. GrowLight uses hydroponics and nutrient solutions to keep plants healthy

    Increases plant yield and speeds up growth

    Easy Set Day/Night Timer

    Expandable � Easily stack multiple units to create an even larger indoor garden!

    Full spectrum LED system and recycled hydroponics

    Nutrition ingredients, no chemical fertilizer residue

    Simple operation for everyone

    Clean, elegant design

    Programmable for time and pump use


    • Power input: AC 110V-220V /50-60HZ
    • Power output: 24V/2.0A
    • Rated power: 44W
    • Planting vacancy: 28