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Projection / Projector Screen Paint - Drive In - Projection Paint for Drive In Theaters - G00DIT - 1 Gallon

Item Number: POS-G00DIT
Screen Type:
Paint on Screen
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Leaves Warehouse within 5-10 Business Days
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Paint on Screen

Price: $299.00
Leaves Warehouse within 5-10 Business Days
    POS-G00DIT" data-price="299.00" data-currency="USD" data-name="Projection / Projector Screen Paint - Drive In - Projection Paint for Drive In Theaters - G00DIT - 1 Gallon" data-url="/projection-/-projector-screen-paint-drive-in-projection-paint-for-drive-in-theaters-g00dit.html" data-image-url="/shared/images/products/paint_on_screen/drive_in_paint.jpg" data-description="##ITEMDESCRIPTION##">

    Drive In - Projection Paint for Drive In Theaters

    Drive In Projection Screen Paint. Extreme Durability for the toughest environments. High Gain White to get the most out of your projection system and maximize guest enjoyment. Superior Adhesion allows the use of any type of screen construction material.

    Paint and Primer in One Solution.

    Gallon covers 170 sqft

    5 Gallons covers 850 sqft

    Gain - 1.8

    Color - White

    Paint On Screen is here to provide premium coatings for all your large projection screen needs, including drive-in theaters, amphitheaters, planetariums, exhibits, and museums.

    Movie screens are bigger than life and crazier than fiction. They are filled with grand sagas and epic journeys. They have helped shape our culture, bond with our friends and family, and provide an escape when we need a break. All of us have had a movie experience speak to us in a memorable way.

    Watching little shows on tv is nice but doesn't compare to the immersive thrill of watching your favorite cinematic choice on the big screen. Just being able to look around the scene and discover something new is always a thrill.

    Though today it might not be possible to pack into a tight theater you can still enjoy movies with your closest friends and family at the Drive-In theater. They're back and in a very big way! All across the country, people are rediscovering the experience that once ruled as the king of big screens.

    Drive-In movie theaters are the perfect use for Paint On Screen. We have been specializing in projector screen paint for over 12 years producing coatings for every type of screen in every type of environment. We have had so many inquiries about drive-ins we decided to launch a ready to go formulation that is a perfect match for any installation.

    What makes a good drive-in screen? It must be big and it must be bright! The patrons want to be amazed and blown away with a sharp and vivid image that engulfs them into the action. Drive-In owners need a screen that enhances the projection system and allows them to dial in the picture. Our Drive-In screen coating is a brilliant white, radiates vivid color and, provides a wide viewing cone to help maximize audience size. A bright screen provides the option to adjust the brightness depending on the environmental light in order to achieve optimal performance.

    Drive-In theaters are open to the elements day in and day out. They are exposed to whatever mother nature sends their way. Our Drive-In screen coating is extremely durable. It is able to withstand years' worth of severe hardship and not flinch on perfection. Drive-In theater owners know that low-cost maintenance is crucial to the bottom line.

    If you are thinking of starting or reopening a Drive-In theater, or any other projection-based project, you need to incorporate Paint On Screen. We have the experience and depth of resources to make your installation a success.