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ScoutPro Microscope with 4 Built-In Monitor and Specimen Slides

Item Number: SCTP-S24

Price: $160.00
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    ScoutPro Microscope with 4� Built-In Monitor

    Ignite a passion for science, technology and the microscopic world for students of all ages with ScoutPro, the next-generation digital microscope from HamiltonBuhl.

    With its 4 built-in digital display, ScoutPro is the ideal solution for collaborating in the science lab; displays video, images, or live viewing directly on its screen as well as on a PC via a USB connection, making sharing with students even easier. Watch as magnified objects are instantly displayed on its built-in 4" monitor or on any PC monitor, helping ensure students understand the lesson being taught.

    Take screenshots, capture video and zoom in or out, all from a distance, with the included remote control. Magnify objects by adjusting the Digital Microscope Bracket to bring the lens closer to the object being viewed. Additionally, ScoutPro can magnify objects 5X digitally beyond its optical magnification.

    This kit comes with six pre-prepared, color-coded slides: one each of "Root and Stem", "Leaf and Epidermis", "Pollen and Starch", "Wing and Leg", "Tiny Creature" and "Hair and Fiber", making it a breeze to dive right in to the microscopic world of wonder.

    ScoutPro provides early learners an introduction to science or advanced students, conducting more in-depth studies on microscopic materials. Younger children can be walked through a science lesson, as teachers use the digital display as a guide. More advanced students can capture pictures and record video to submit to their teachers, or record data for later use. ScoutPro is an essential tool for any classroom.

    HamiltonBuhl Scout Prepared Specimen Slides

    The Prepared Specimen Slides consist of 6 unique slides with 4 specimen stains on each slide that are premium quality, hand-prepared, under optical glass, ready-to-view specimens such as roots and stems, leaves and epidermis, pollen and starch, wings and legs, hair and fibers and a microscopic creature. Each slide is captioned with their identification.

    These slides are ideal for use with the Scout Microscope and the ScoutPro Digital Microscope, both from HamiltonBuhl, or with any other microscope using a slide. These slides are ideal for adding to any school's STEAM line-up.


    • 1 ScoutPro Microscope with 4" Built-In Monitor
    • 1 HamiltonBuhl Scout Prepared Specimen Slides Set consisting of 6 unique slides


    Magnification Level: Optical - Up to 600X and Digital - Up to 5X
    Resolution - Two Options: HD (1280x720) or FHD (1920x1280)
    Image Quality - Six Options: 1M/2M/3M/5M/8M/12M
    (Resolution ranges from 1280x720P to 4032x3024P)
    White Balance - Five Options: Auto, Sunlight, Cloudy, Tungsten or Fluorescent
    EV: Exposure compensation from +2 to -2
    Calibrate - Three Options: Off, Cross net or Double cross net
    Language Setting: English as well as 13 different languages
    Flicker - Two Options: 50Hz or 60Hz (60Hz recommended for the U.S. market)
    Compatible with Windows PC, Mac iOS and Chromebook
    Power Supply: 5V / 250mA (via USB) 

    Six slides included, one each of:

    Root and Stem
    Leaf and Epidermis
    Pollen and Starch
    Wing and Leg
    Tiny Creature
    Hair and Fiber