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Stewart 00401-5123H-PHALR-Perf Visionary Phantom Recessed Electric Scrn - 123"(60x107)-[16:9]-1.0

Item Number: Stewart-00401-5123H-PHALR-Perf
Special Features:
Acoustically Transparent, Ambient Light Rejection, Tensioned
Supported Resolution:
4K, 8K
Screen Type:
Mount Type:
HDTV [16:9]
Stewart Filmscreen
Viewable Diagonal in.:
Viewable Width in.:
Viewable Height in.:
Surface Color:
Product Status:
Product Line:
Front/Rear Projection:
Projection Surface:
Phantom HALR Perf

Price: $12,139.93
    Stewart-00401-5123H-PHALR-Perf" data-price="12139.93" data-currency="USD" data-name="Stewart 00401-5123H-PHALR-Perf Visionary Phantom Recessed Electric Scrn - 123"(60x107)-[16:9]-1.0" data-url="/stewart-00401-5123h-phalr-perf-visionary-phantom-perf-recessed-electric-scrn-123-60x107-16-9-1-0.html" data-image-url="/shared/images/products/stewart/Visionary-Native.jpg" data-description="##ITEMDESCRIPTION##">

    Visionary Series

    Retractable, Above Ceiling, Self-Finishing Screen System with Two-Piece Construction


    Ideal, two-piece construction for the forward-thinker

    Visionary is a family of self-finishing, above ceiling screen systems. This two-piece retractable screen with a self-finishing flange comes in three different size options — all the way up to 16 feet 4 inches of image width. Visionary's rough in housing can be split-shipped for early installation of the screen case during the pre-construction phase. When construction is complete, we can ship the screen and bezel. Now, how visionary is that? Our adjustable drywall stops accommodate any ceiling treatment, and the extruded aluminum flange has great fit and finish.

    This screen is used most commonly in:


    Three accommodating sizes, one great solution

    We customize each roller tube to make sure our screen material deploys with even tension and with a smooth, wrinkle free surface. With our standard 3 inch roller tube, Visionary can go up to 10 feet 3 inches in image width.


    Sometimes, you need just a little more image width

    When a bigger image is needed, our 3 inch Mamba Tube will provide the needed strength to carry more weight on the roller without having to step up in size and price to the 6 inch roller tube. This can save money and still get you the image size that you need.


    For a larger image, Visionary Medio is the answer

    This screen system will give you all the advantages of two-piece construction for your rough in and give you an amazingly large image size — up to 16 feet 4 inch image width. Depending on the aspect ratio, you can get a 20 foot diagonal in 16:10, a 19 foot 10 inch diagonal in HD, or an 18 foot 10 inch diagonal image in Scope. Our customized 6 inch roller tube will carry the weight of the screen fabric and deploy a beautiful 16K+ Stewart fabric with ease.


    All the bells and whistles

    It's easy to protect the fit and finish of the screen fabric and bezel if they remain safely boxed away from the typical turmoil of a rough in stage construction site. When it comes time to assemble, Visionary comes together intuitively with a modular plug for electric interface and simple, threaded fasteners. We supply a speed wrench with the screen to assist in seating the bezel assembly into the housing. You will absolutely love this screen.


    This screen gets major love

    Why? Because other trades can work around the rough-in enclosure without fear of damaging the projection screen.


    Just what you wanted

    At the end of construction, the roller tube assembly with accompanying screen — along with the one-piece, aluminum bezel — are efficiently installed. Everything works as planned. Easy money.

    Owner's Manual


    Phantom HALR Perforated

    A flexible, front projection, high ambient light rejection, screen material, Phantom HALR offers excellent ambient light rejection capabilities that deliver an exceptional entertainment experience, day or night.

    Unlike other manufacturers’ offerings, It is the only black screen on the market that can be perforated for acoustical transparency, which includes Stewart’s exclusive Microperf X² THX-Ultra or Cinemaperf options, depending on the size of the screen. For installation versatility, Phantom HALR can be configured with any of Stewart’s ElectriScreen or fixed frame models.

    Click to download spec sheet.

    Surface Characteristics

    • Phantom HALR is available in any image size up to 40 feet by 90 feet, seamlessly.
    • Acoustical Transparency
    • Microperf X² THX-Ultra or Cinemaperf
    • Ambient Light Rejection


    Surface Material Properties

    Peak Gain 1.0
    Half Gain 30 Degrees
    Ambient Light Rejection Value 82%
    Ambient Light Resistance Excellent
    Minimum Throw Distance 1.8 x Image Width
    Edge Blending Properties N/A
    Passive 3D use Yes
    Lay Flat Quality Excellent
    Flame Resistance Yes
    Stewart Phantom HALR Perforated Half Gain Angle Chart