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Stewart 01201-5123H-PHALR-Perf Stealth Phantom Perf Ceiling Recessed Scrn - 123"(60x107)-[16:9]-1.0

Item Number: Stewart-01201-5123H-PHALR-Perf
Special Features:
Acoustically Transparent, Ambient Light Rejection, Tensioned
Supported Resolution:
4K, 8K
Screen Type:
Mount Type:
HDTV [16:9]
Stewart Filmscreen
Viewable Diagonal in.:
Viewable Width in.:
Viewable Height in.:
Surface Color:
Product Status:
Leaves Warehouse within 5-6 Weeks
Case Color:
Product Line:
Front/Rear Projection:
Projection Surface:
Phantom HALR Perf

Price: $14,527.72
Leaves Warehouse within 5-6 Weeks
    Stewart-01201-5123H-PHALR-Perf" data-price="14527.72" data-currency="USD" data-name="Stewart 01201-5123H-PHALR-Perf Stealth Phantom Perf Ceiling Recessed Scrn - 123"(60x107)-[16:9]-1.0" data-url="/stewart-01201-5123h-phalr-perf-stealth-phantom-perf-ceiling-recessed-screen-123-60x107-16-9-1-0.html" data-image-url="/shared/images/products/stewart/StealthTrapdoor-Native.jpg" data-description="##ITEMDESCRIPTION##">


    Retractable, Above Ceiling Screen System with Trapdoor, and Optional Camera Deployment


    When a high-quality fit and finish is every bit as important as a high-quality image

    Stealth is a beautiful, small format retractable screen system with a trapdoor closure, allowing the screen to be completely hidden from view until deployment. Stealth offers exceptional reliability and features quiet operation, along with a choice of several electronic control options. Always seamless, Stealth is available in any of Stewart's front or rear 16K+ projection fabrics with image widths up to 13 feet. Stealth can also be equipped with optional camera deployment for video conferencing. Optional vertical or horizontal masking is also available.

    This screen is used most commonly in:


    Stealth is discrete

    No one knows there is a projection screen in the room until deployment. Hit the start button and a quiet, powerful motor activates the screen. Already, people are paying attention.


    Two custom roller tubes are offered

    Our roller tubes are the best in the business and we engineer each one for perfect optimization. With Stealth we offer our 3 inch mill finish tube or our beefier, 3 inch Mamba Tube. The MT3 will allow you to achieve a little bigger image before jumping up in price to the next size.


    Optional masking available

    Dual aspect ratios can be achieved by adding either vertical (as shown) or horizontal masking to this screen system. A common choice for vertical masking is a constant height, native Scope aspect ratio of 2.39 or 2.35 which can then be masked down to 1.85 Academy Flat or 1.78 HD. With horizontal masking, you can start with a native aspect ratio of 4:3 and mask down to nearly every other aspect ratio. Additionally, we use a wide range of acoustically transparent, masking fabrics. Each fabric is balanced for optimal sonic and visual performance.


    Optional camera deployment

    ETL approved, the Stealth Video Conference Screen (VCS) is engineered with super build quality and robust gear that will always deliver as specified. This screen system is beautifully concealed behind a well-engineered trapdoor closure. Precise arms carry your choice of camera systems, reliably and safely. The flexible control system allows deployment of independent elements when the camera is not in use.


    Finished with a beautifully detailed trapdoor closure

    We offer trapdoors on Stealth to finish the ceiling professionally when a soffit or proscenium to conceal the screen system is not in the offing. With Stealth, form follows function with only the elegant essentials remaining. No one will know the screen is in the room until deployment.


    Perfect in-ceiling concealment

    With a press of a button, your screen will retract into the ceiling keeping it clean and safe until your next viewing experience. Stealth gives you high functionality and allows you to free up valuable wall space so your room can express other ideas besides a place to watch TV.

    Owner's Manual


    Phantom HALR Perforated

    A flexible, front projection, high ambient light rejection, screen material, Phantom HALR offers excellent ambient light rejection capabilities that deliver an exceptional entertainment experience, day or night.

    Unlike other manufacturers’ offerings, It is the only black screen on the market that can be perforated for acoustical transparency, which includes Stewart’s exclusive Microperf X² THX-Ultra or Cinemaperf options, depending on the size of the screen. For installation versatility, Phantom HALR can be configured with any of Stewart’s ElectriScreen or fixed frame models.

    Click to download spec sheet.

    Surface Characteristics

    • Phantom HALR is available in any image size up to 40 feet by 90 feet, seamlessly.
    • Acoustical Transparency
    • Microperf X² THX-Ultra or Cinemaperf
    • Ambient Light Rejection


    Surface Material Properties

    Peak Gain 1.0
    Half Gain 30 Degrees
    Ambient Light Rejection Value 82%
    Ambient Light Resistance Excellent
    Minimum Throw Distance 1.8 x Image Width
    Edge Blending Properties N/A
    Passive 3D use Yes
    Lay Flat Quality Excellent
    Flame Resistance Yes
    Stewart Phantom HALR Perforated Half Gain Angle Chart