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Tascam SS-CDR200 Solid State CD Digital Audio Record

Item Number: SS-CDR200

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    SS-CDR200" data-price="729.00" data-currency="USD" data-name="Tascam SS-CDR200 Solid State CD Digital Audio Record" data-url="/tascam-ss-cdr200-solid-state-cd-digital-audio-record" data-image-url="/shared/images/product/ss-cdr200_main.jpg" data-description="##ITEMDESCRIPTION##">
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    The SS-CDR200 is a stereo audio recorder that records to Compact Flash, SD/SDHC cards and USB memory.

    The SS-CDR200 enjoys highly-reliable structure with no exposed connections, as well as its high level of versatility since it records to Compact Flash (CF) media known to be used in broadcasting stations because of its highly-reliable design in which the connection units are not exposed, as well as SD/SDHC cards and USB-based media widely available in the market.

    Due to its lack of rotating media, such a recorder that uses solid-state media not only ensures high-reliability, it is also able to drastically cut down maintenance costs and effort.

    The SS-CDR200 can be used for various recording applications such as taking meeting minutes, or in courthouses and government and municipal offices, as well as establishing a highly-reliable acoustic system in professional sound system for facilities, such as broadcasting stations and PA/SR. It is also perfect for replacing the existing playback system at a fitness studio and a banquet hall.

    Furthermore, a 20-point flash start system can be constructed by connecting the SS-CDR200 with the optionally-available RC-20, making it useful for regular audio playback for applications such as in theaters, at weddings.

    The SS-CDR200, SS-R200 and SS-R100 models also support a RC-20 connection.

    Despite incorporating solid state media as well as a CD recorder, the SS-CDR200 fits into just a single rackspace.

    In addition to XLR/RCA analog and COAXIAL digital input and output, the SS-CDR200 also includes RS-232C/PARALLEL ports, enabling control from an external device.

    The SS-CDR200, SS-R200 and SS-R100 are the next standard in stereo audio recorder with a high level of versatility that supports various media.