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TABLETOP PROJECTOR SCREEN are the ultimate small and portable projection solution. Perfect for use with micro or PICO projectors, tabletop screens are the lightest and most portable screens available.

Typically, a manual pull-up operation, tabletop projection screens can also roll out horizontally or have a simple folding frame design. Tabletop Projector Screens are a terrific portable alternative to larger screens, but they generally have a maximum size of a 50" Diagonal screen.

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Products 1-3 of 3

Why Consider a Tabletop Projection Screen?

Small portable projector screens allow you to deliver any mobile presentation with ease thanks to their expert design for simple storage and transport. Our tabletop projection screens all set up in seconds, and most feature a built-in pull-up mechanism to make the entire operation a snap.

All you'll need to do is draw out the screen, and it's ready to go. When you're done, just use the mechanism for a quick collapse and storage back into its case.

These tabletop projector screens are designed to fit on media consoles, conference tables, folding tables and many more common mobile presentation spots. Whether you need to bring a video presentation to a traveling board, want to spice up your tradeshow or even need to showcase a project for class, our small, portable projector screens are an affordable and simple way to deliver.

Matte White Screen Benefits

The Projector Screen Store offers a variety of tabletop projection screens that use a matte white fabric. It's one of the best choices for a portable projector because it evenly distributes light across the entire viewing area, especially if you have control over the ambient light around you.

Most feature a 120" viewing angle to support viewing and seating in a multitude of settings. Another benefit is that the screens tend to have no loss of brightness from the projector in most lighting situations. This is boosted by its black backing, which limits image disruption from any other lighting situations behind you.

Choose the Perfect Small, Portable Projector Screen

Please use our convenient PROJECTOR SCREEN FILTER functionality on the left hand side of your screen to narrow your search by BRAND, TYPE, SIZE or product PRICE! For help finding the right projector screen, please call 1-800-637-3181 or LIVE CHAT with a Sales Professional.

Our selection of tabletop projection screens is small because we control tightly for quality and affordability. We've hand-picked the best to ensure you have a strong visual for an HDTV or standard video aspect as well as viewing sizes of up to 79".

Take a look online and learn more about the right model for you, plus we'll offer free ground shipping for any product on this page.