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CEILING RECESSED PROJECTOR SCREEN is mostly Electric projector screens, where the casing is mounted within the ceiling structure, creating a flush surface. A ceiling recessed screen is almost completely hidden from view and ideal for Boardrooms, Lecture Halls and Home Theaters, where a non-permanently visible solution is preferred. This type of installation generally requires the assistance of a contractor or an electrician.

Products 1-72 of 1417
Products 1-72 of 1417

A ceiling-mounted projector screen is a top option for most, because it allows you to use your rooms in any fashion you like, while you can switch to film or demonstration mode in just seconds. Browse our full selection below to look for a variety of options for projection screen ceiling mounts and their controls.

You?ll see choices for manual movement, screens that support wall switches and low-voltage triggers and even advanced control options such as RF remotes or packages that work with many of today?s home automation tools.

Motorized Ceiling Projector Mounts

Fixed projector screens always take up space and can be prone to damage if you?re in a tight space where chairs, markers and other elements are used nearby every day. This is why many people opt for a motorized ceiling mount and projector screen. These options allow you to have a multipurpose space in the boardroom or have the perfect movie screen that you can pull down in front of the TV for those special movie nights.

If your space is a non-dedicated movie and presentation hub, then you, too, should consider a ceiling-mounted screen for your projector. Motorized options simply make it easier to ensure your screen is put away and unrolled safely.

Get Help Right Away

There are many unique features and requirements of ceiling-mounted screens for projectors. You might have heard the ?tensioning? buzzword in your research, which is a way screens operate to keep everything flat and stable during use.

The projection screen ceiling mounts from the Projector Screen Store use a wide variety of methods to stay properly secured. Our online support staff and immediate internet chats are here to help you determine what?s available to you and what might work best in your space. We?ll walk you through each of your ceiling mount projection screen options, including support for cinema-quality formats or your classic boardroom video.