HD Projector Screen Materials and Fabrics

HD PROJECTOR SCREEN FABRICS take full advantage of your High Definition 1080p Video Projector by using new HD fabrics, made specifically to match today's most demanding high definition projectors. Endorsed by industry professionals, these HD projection screen materials are formulated to produce true color and white field uniformity, for the ultimate picture quality. With an extraordinarily wide half angles, these screen fabrics offers excellent depth of modulation for even the most demanding HD Projector.

The Projector Screen Store offers a wide range of HD projection screens for sale, so you can get all of the HD support you want plus the right size, viewing angle, automatic features and price.

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Products 1-72 of 1025

What Should You Consider in HD Projector Screen Material?

The more you understand what?s in and on your high-def projector screen, the better equipped you are to make the right selection. Screen fabrics differ to handle varying types of uses and lighting situations, as well as to operate at a different resolution. Some of the HD projector screens for sale also account for the sound and noise distribution in your viewing environment.

We believe that gain and viewing angle are the most important areas to consider when you?re looking for HD projector screens for sale, and here?s why:

  • Gain. Gain is a measurement of how a screen fabric reflects light from a standard projection source. For HD projector screen materials, a typical gain measurement of 1.0 means the light being sent by the projector is reflected back at the same brightness. Gains larger than 1.0 mean the screen will actually increase the brightness of the image it is sending to the audience.

If you?re working in an area with a high amount of ambient light, we recommend you look for an HD projection screen for sale that has a high gain. This allows you to use most projectors, even those not necessarily powerful enough to make up for this added environmental brightness on their own.

  • Viewing Angle. We also recommend looking at viewing angle when buying one of our HD projection screens for sale. Viewing angle represents how far away you can be from the center of the screen and still see a high-quality image.

You?ll typically want a large sweet spot so more people can watch your HD content without loss of light or in the inclusion of distorted dark spots.

Pick the Right HD Projection Screen for Sale

High-def projector screens give significant gain and viewing angles in many situations, so use the buttons on the side of this page to find the right fit ? and you?ll also be happy to know that any product on this page qualifies for free ground shipping.

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