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FLOOR RISING PROJECTOR SCREEN provides an extra level of ease of use and portability that cannot be had with traditional wall or ceiling mounted projector screens. Floor Rising projector screens come in Electric and Manual operation. Electrically raised or manually pulled from a weighted base/case, floor rising screens make the perfect travel companion and can remain unobtrusive when not in use.

Products 1-72 of 110
Products 1-72 of 110

Floor rising projection screens are the perfect way to turn any room or open space into your favorite viewing area. We've seen clients successfully use them for business presentations in board rooms or on the tradeshow flow, wheel them in for added pizazz in hospitality settings, enhance a home theater and much more.

These units provide a variety of benefits over their traditional tripod counterparts, making a floor rising projector screen a smart choice.

In particular, floor mounted projection screens tend to be easier to carry and move, simpler to set up and quicker to retract and pack for heading home.

The Screen You Need, Anywhere

One of the chief benefits of a floor-mounted projection screen is that they're free-standing and easy to transport. Some units include pneumatic telescoping to lift the screen easily and safely, while balancing on almost any terrain. Options also allow you to adjust for any angles or inclines, keeping the screen perfect for viewing with your projector.

And you're never making any compromises for quality when you choose a floor-mounted projection screen. The Projector Screen Store offers models from 79" to 239" with a viewable width maximum that easily surpasses 160". Choose the right format for your presentations, such as square (1:1) and standard video (4:3), or opt for the broader cinema (2.35:1) for viewing movies like they were meant to be seen.

We also include a variety of options with MaxWhite and other specialty fabrics designed specifically for front projection presentations, giving you the widest array of viewing angles plus the best in black and white contrast.

Get Immediate Assistance

The Projector Screen Store offers live online support and chat to help you make the decisions you need for your next screen. We can walk you through the basics, as well as advanced features of floor rising projection screens. We're happy to answer any questions you have and explain the benefits we offer, such as free ground shipping on any products on this page.