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An OUTDOOR PROJECTOR SCREEN is great for neighborhood block parties, family movie night, or town events the party's been moved outdoors! Ranging from small, medium, large to huge....there's a size for every application. Some are electric, manual, folding frame, lace & grommet, fixed frames or even an inflatable movie screen. All starting at very affordable price points.

These outdoor retractable projector screens are designed to work with a variety of spaces and situations, so that your family can enjoy a favorite film in a comfortable setting and at a comfortable angle. You can find a wide array of outdoor pull down projector screens, electric options, fixed-frame designs and much more.

Products 1-72 of 255
Products 1-72 of 255

The Best in Outdoor Projector Screens

The Projector Screen Store not only works hard on picking the perfect outdoor projector screens for you, but we also work hard to help everyone create a comfortable, enjoyable space for their outdoor experiences. So, below you can find many outdoor movie screens for sale, and to the left there are also many sorting options you can use to more easily find the right projector for you.

We would also like to provide a few quick tips for you to get the most out of your outdoor retractable projector screen or outdoor pull down projector screen:

  • Keep things dark. Nothing hurts the image of an outdoor projector screen like streetlights, motion lights or lights from the driveway across the street. So, find a nice and dark place for your screen.
  • If you have a safe location, consider an outdoor pull down projector screen for large sizes and easy storage outside of the elements.
  • Like to try things on the go? Pick up an outdoor retractable projector screen for easy movement and adjustments.
  • Pick up a projector with a lumen rating at or above 2,000 to get the most out of your yard and the outdoor experience.
  • And, be sure to invite people over for the show. We've heard it's the best way to have a great viewing experience and stay a welcomed and loved family in the neighborhood.

The Projector Screen Store offers many outdoor movie screens for sale designed to fit your needs. Look for models that meet your size requirements but also offer you protection against the rain and sun, plus lightweight frames that prevent any harm to your home. We also include ropes and stakes for wind stability in many of our kits.