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Products 1-72 of 4106

Founded in Warsaw Indiana in 1909, Da-Lite was there at the beginning of the moving picture industry. In what has now been more than a century of projector screen development, Da-Lite has been at the cutting edge with each and every technological twist in turn that has taken place. Today, Da-Lite still finds its headquarters in Warsaw where it all began. Their products are proudly made in the USA, much of it by hand.

So what makes a Da-Lite screen different? For one, they come to the table with a plethora of screen surface options which target the individual needs of different projector set-ups and rooms. Whether you’re looking to squeeze extra detail out of your home theater projector, find a perfect solution for your ultra-short-throw rear projector, or just simply looking for the most satisfying image for your conference room, there’s a likelihood that Da-Lite has what you’re looking for. In this short overview, we will talk about what Da-Lite’s been up to in recent years.

With digital technology vastly improved from the decade prior, it has been the task of every screen manufacturer to meet the challenge of providing a surface that provides the utmost clarity, neutrality, and dynamics. In 2010 Da-Lite unveiled their HD Progressive screen surface line in order to meet this challenge. Today (2019), Da-Lite offers seven different HD progressive surfaces, all capable of resolving up to 16K resolution. This makes it possible to find the perfect fit for your current projector and future projectors.

In 2016 Da-Lite debuted another cutting-edge product for portable use – the NXT folding frame screen. With this screen, Da-Lite addressed the obstacles that are faced with regards to folding frame design. The screen takes about half the time to put together due to its uniquely thought-out design. Furthermore, it can stand on uneven ground and have each leg corrected for proper calibration. Da-Lite plays an essential role in troubleshooting the everyday problems that professionals face – it is what they’re most celebrated for.

As more people have been putting their projectors/screens in their living room where the lighting may not be optimal, Da-Lite developed the Parallax surface which is a mylar material, etched at an angle to deflect overhead lighting. Initially, it was offered solely as a fixed frame design, but as of 2017, the screen was offered as a motorized design as well, making its award-winning ALR performance available in a recessed application for the first time.

One of the most unique designs in Da-Lite’s product-line is the Ascender Electrol – a screen which sits housed beneath the floor and rises up electronically. This is a beautiful design for houses of worship.

Almost all Da-Lite screens come with a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty. Since the parts all come from the USA, it’s a warranty that comes with the ability to fix and repair quickly. Lastly, Da-Lite’s customer service is second to none. If you have trouble setting up your product or need technical info on a product, Da-Lite is just a simple phone call away. Their customer service reps are well-trained, friendly, and easy to reach during business hours.