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REAR PROJECTION SCREENS are often used when a front projection solutions are just not feasible because of space constraints, projector location issues, or simply shadowing of the projected image. Most commonly used in large wall installations, business displays, convention centers or museums. Special transparent rear projection screen fabrics are used to allow the image to pass through the screen without loss of quality.

Products 1-72 of 831
Products 1-72 of 831

Benefits of Rear Projection Screens

The rear projection screens for sale from the Projector Screen Store come with a variety of benefits and advantages compared to many other deployments. These often include:

  • Improved brightness and contrast support
  • Can work in brighter lighting situations
  • Limits the number of interruptions, such as shadows, from a presenter or people walking around the screen
  • Projector is hidden and harder to disrupt
  • Often a quieter or even a noise-free setup compared to many front projectors
  • Lower profile and stronger tab designs that allow for better tension
  • Easy to install and operate

Your Choices in Rear Projection Screens for Sale

Projector Screen Store offers three different broad categories of rear projection screens: electric, fixed and folding frame.

Each option is designed to deliver the type of support you need based on how you want to use your rear projector. Electric projector screens feature motorized options for lowering and raising, plus many installation opens for powering the screen directly. This is the perfect option for home theaters and office spaces so that you can control your screen with the flip of a switch.

Fixed-frame screens are at their best when you want a permanent, wall-mounted screen common in home theaters as well as many business and classroom situations. Get the highest-quality in rear projection screens with premium fabrics. If you won't need to move your screen around and want to maintain the best picture position, then you'll find no better option than these screens and their multitude of tensioned support.

Folding-frame projector screens are among the best and most versatile solutions for presentations and entertainment in large venues, or for people who are always on the go. By combining strong and durable frames and screens with sturdy and safe transport cases, these screens give you the best viewing experience no matter where you are.