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Projector Screen Store Guides to Ease Your Shopping Experience

Projector Screen Size Calculator

Thinking about buying a new projector screen … and wondering what size to get?

Save money by getting the right screen the first time. Use our custom Projector Screen Size Calculator with our other two great screen tools:

Viewing Distance Calculator

Projector Screen Buying Guide

In order to help you make a final selection based on material, resolution support, toughness and more!

We recommend that every person considering a projector screen use each of these three tools to get the best consumer education of your projection system. A little research goes a long way toward getting the perfect screen for your home, office, event or meeting.

For additional help in selecting materials, or projector screens in general, feel free to give us a call toll-free at 1-800-637-3181.

Getting Started: Projection Screen Size Guides

Knowing where to start with these decision tools is all about your knowledge of projectors and projection screens. If this is your first projection screen, or you’re considering a size and use that’s unfamiliar, we suggest you start with this general projector screen size guide that covers screen types, fabrics, size and resolution information, plus accessories you’ll want to consider. Do you have the basics down and really want to know about the BEST screen for your situation? If so, turn to our Projector Screen Size Calculator to refine your selection based on viewing distance resolution, screen size requirements and more.

Making the Right Selection

It’s very easy to accidentally grab the wrong screen size. That can lead to headaches when you discover it’s wrong after a long setup and then have to return the screen, only to start your hunt for the perfect fit yet again. We don’t want you to go through that, ever. That’s why we’ve put together our projector screen size guide and projector screen size calculator. We also offer a free online chat option to give you expert advice and assistance when buying your next screen. Simply click and ask, and together we’ll narrow down your options to find the best screen for those intricate work presentations, home theater adventures or broadcasts to show off your business in the right light.

Screen Guides

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