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MANUAL PROJECTOR SCREENS are operated just like a standard roll-up window shade, revealed by simply pulling the screen down by hand. Manual projector screens are a generally less expensive, more portable, and smaller in size solution than an electric projector screen. Perfect for Classrooms, Conference Rooms, simple Home Theaters. More portable solutions like Tripods, Floor Rising, Folding Frame and Tabletop screens are ideal for on-the-go presentations.

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Products 1-72 of 1236
Products 1-72 of 1236

Manual projector screens have existed for a long time, but the modern versions we carry are greatly improved over the traditional models from years ago. They feature:

  • Extremely high-quality screens surfaces that render a crisp, clear image from your projector and eliminate distortion.
  • Durable, sturdy construction that allows for fast and easy opening and closing of the screen, as well as many years of reliable use.
  • Numerous great mounting and installation options are available, which allow you to assemble and dismantle your roller projector screen in no time.

You can give professional-quality presentations when you equip yourself with an affordable and practical pull down projector screen from the Projector Screen Store. They're perfect when you're mobile and need to take your projection equipment with you. They're also well suited to small rooms and temporary locations where a permanent projector screen isn't convenient. Rolled up, they are easy to store in a corner, closet, or your vehicle.

Traditionally, projector screens were typically only found in schools and offices. Today, you'll find them in more and more locations, like homes, stores, and in public spaces. With modern compact, lightweight projectors, you can use our projector screens to display all sorts of great videos and information wherever you like, such as:

  • In a store, to highlight specific products, features, or sales promotions
  • At a show or event, to indicate directions, locations, or ticket information
  • At a wedding, anniversary, or party, to share fun pictures and videos

A portable manual projection screen is also a great choice if you're on a budget and want a quality large image at a great price. We offer all the same great formats as we do for our electric and fixed projector screens (like HDTV, Square, Video, and Widescreen), meaning you get the image you want at the right price.

Browse through our wide selection of pull down projector screens and all the accessories that go with them. You'll find detailed information on the manufacturer, model, size, features, and pricing.

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