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Products 1-72 of 177

Elite Screens

When you're looking to achieve the best possible quality for your viewing experience, there are a lot of things that matter in regards to your choice in screens. You need to consider the setting in which your screen will be used, of course. You'll also need to find items in the right size, model, and finish to fit your needs. Last, but certainly not least, you need to make sure you invest in a projection screen manufactured by a brand you know you can trust.

Elite Screens is just such a brand, and it's not difficult to see why. Based in sunny California and founded just over 10 years ago, Elite Screens started out as a relative newcomer in the industry. Since then, they've firmly established themselves as one of the audio-visual world's most recognizable brands when it comes to projection screens. They are especially well-known for producing products that are highly affordable on even tight budgets, but which sacrifice nothing when it comes to precision and efficiency.

At Projector Screen Store, we're all about offering modern-day consumers the very best selection of products at competitive value prices. That said, we are proud to maintain a complete catalog of quality products from Elite Screens. Choose from a variety of sizes, styles, models, and finishes. Then enjoy lightning-fast shipping and exceptional customer service, thanks to our team of audio-visual professionals. You won't regret it.

Elite Screens Product Lines: If you're looking for a particular offering from Elite Screens, then you're definitely in the right place. We stock quality projection screens from each of Elite's many celebrated product lines. These include, but are absolutely not limited to, DIY Pro, Aeon, Kestrel, Evanesce, Spectrum, Starling, Universal, and Tripod Pro.

Our selection runs the full gamut when it comes to different sizes and styles. Looking for a folding frame projection screen that's perfect for sales demonstrations on the fly? Elite has plenty to choose from. Want to add a serious wow factor to your boardroom presentations with a state-of-the-art electric projection screen? Elite can provide that. You'll find plenty of fixed frame, free-standing, and DIY options in stock as well.

Projector Screens: Naturally, everyone's needs and budget are different when it comes to choosing a projection screen, and no manufacturer understands this better than Elite Screens does. As touched on above, saying that Elite offers their products at reasonable value prices is a vast understatement. In fact, their screens start at under $200 for the smallest, most basic options. Their most expensive premium picks reflect prices of just over $5000. Then there's a wide range of items that fall somewhere in between.

What's more, Elite manufactures quality projection screens that feature must-have technology such as acoustic transparency and ambient light rejection. Choose from multiple mount type options, including ceiling mounted, adhesive, floor mounted, tabletop, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, and folding frame options. Elite Screens even makes incredible screens appropriate for outdoor viewing. Shop the possibilities today! You're sure to find a solution that's just the ticket.