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Formovie C3 4K Ultra Short Throw 2200 Lumen Cinema UST Projector ALPD Laser TV w/ Built-In Soundbar

Item Number: Formovie-C3
Projector Resolution:
Product Status:
Leaves Warehouse within 5-10 Business Days
Projector Type:
Ultra Short Throw
Light Source:
Contrast Ratio:
3,000:1 (full on/off)
Aspect Ratio:
16:9 [HD]
Throw Ratio:
0.23:1 (D:W)
Native Resolution:
Lens Shift:
3D Support:
Built-In Speaker:
Standard Lens Focus:

Price: $1,899.00
Leaves Warehouse within 5-10 Business Days

    Formovie-C3" data-price="1899.00" data-currency="USD" data-name="Formovie C3 4K Ultra Short Throw 2200 Lumen Cinema UST Projector ALPD Laser TV w/ Built-In Soundbar" data-url="/formovie-c3-4k-ultra-short-throw-2250-lumen-cinema-ust-projector-alpd-laser-tv-built-in-soundbar.html" data-image-url="/Shared/images/products/formovie/formovie-C3.jpg" data-description="##ITEMDESCRIPTION##">

    ***Formovie C3 ships with FengOS, a Chinese language operating system. We recommend using an external video source / streaming device for the best experience for customers in the USA.***

    ALPD Laser display technology

    Cinema projection technology, no speckle, better eye protection.

    Big screen

    The 0.23:1 large depth ultra short focus lens design allows for a 100 hour ultra large screen to be projected only 22 centimeters away from the wall.

    4K UHD Resolution

    8.3 million independent pixels *, clear and visible with a stunning color screen, 100% realistic reproduction of image details. Combined with HDR10+decoding partition image processing, the image quality is comprehensively optimized.

    3000:1 High Contrast

    Deepen the depiction of dark details, enrich the visual hierarchy, and enjoy the cinematic texture.

    1.07 Billion Colors

    Film grade color standards cover all areas with true colors, More realistic presentation of gorgeous and colorful image quality, with delicate and rich colors that are more moving.

    AIPQ+FAV image quality engine

    By using Fengmi's self-developed FAV image quality alarm and massive algorithms, AI deep learning is applied to enhance the image quality of large screens, dynamically tracking the images and optimizing the source image quality in a three-dimensional manner.

    Support MEMC

    Equipped with dynamic anti shake technology, real-time physical judgment of dynamic images can be simulated step by step, and intelligent compensation can effectively eliminate the phenomenon of trailing shadows in the image, improve dynamic clarity, and watch Jumu more smoothly.

    8 Point Keystone Correction

    Using a mobile phone mini program to take photos and identify the screen, there is no need to manually adjust the screen to actively enter the screen, Paired with 8-point screen correction for more delicate tuning, calmly facing more projection situations.

    Dolby Audio and DTS HD Support

    Dual full frequency reproduction of a pure sound field, with multi band equally pleasant sound, can achieve a fuller and more natural vocal performance compared to frequency division design. Adopting an air duct design, the low frequency diving reaches 60Hz, and is equipped with two high-frequency units, which have strong resonance and perform even better in the extension of sound.

    Art Screensaver Partition

    The system is equipped with an art screensaver partition with built-in classic paintings, allowing you to move famous paintings home and enjoy exclusive private gallery.

    MT9669 Flagship Processor with Big Memory

    The MT9669 flagship processor has independent NPU and APU, with stronger computing power and upgraded image processing capabilities. The 4-core CP C performs effortlessly while running simultaneously. Pair it with 3GB+32GB of storage for more surprises.

    Game Model

    The flagship kernel supports game mode, with screen latency as low as 40ms.

    Human body detection to prevent glare from strong light

    Equipped with infrared human body sensing sensors on both sides of the lens, the brightness will automatically decrease to the lowest value when someone approaches, avoiding visual damage.

    Multiple interfaces

    Upgrade the interface to HDM21 * 3 (one of which supports eARC function) to easily connect to computers, players, next-generation hosts, etc; Equipped with USB2.0, suitable for various scenarios such as controllers, infinitely expanding new possibilities for large screen entertainment.

    Advanced exterior design

    Cream style pure white matte body, integrating modern aesthetics into your home, expanding the hierarchical layout of the space, and providing a sense of transparency at a glance.