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Open Air Cinema Elite 34.5' Diag. (30'x17') Portable Inflatable Large Venue Projector Screen

Item Number: Open-Air-Cinema-E-30

Price: $12,999.00
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    Open Air Cinema Elite Series 30' x 17' Inflatable Projector Screen

    Entertain up to 1500 individuals spread out on blankets with the state-of-the-art, giant, 30' Elite outdoor movie screen.

    Open Air Cinema's Elite Series of inflatable movie screens bring the magic of the big screen to your local park, music or film festival, resort, or military base. These screens are for community leaders, event producers, and businesspeople who are entertaining hundreds to thousands of people at a time. Boasting our most durable construction and engineering, your Elite Series screen will become an investment for your community that will last for years.

    Puncture resistant, with a removable surface for cleaning, and rear projection capabilities so that you can setup your Cinebox console behind your screen, the Elite Series of screens is the highest quality product line we offer. Rear projection is highly beneficial when you can't setup your audio visual equipment in front of your screen such as with a poolside cinema event, or when you have a tight area for audience viewing or simply want to minimize clutter for a more professional looking production.

    The screen is easy to install in any location. Simply secure the screen with the provided stakes and tethers, attach and turn on your air blower, and the screen will inflate in a matter of minutes. Our Elite inflatable movie screens come in the following widths; 20, 25, 30, and 40-feet.

    Product Features

    • 34.5' Diagonal - 30' x 17' Surface, wide screen, matte white wrinke free
    • 37' x 27' x 5' inflatable movie screen frame
    • Heavy Duty 1400 x 1400 Denier PVC material. Double/Triple reinforcements at pressure points.
    • Structure withstands winds up to 30 mph. Blower keeps internal pressure constant.
    • Bungee cord connection design prevents wind damage.
    • High Tension Ropes (8)
    • Heavy Duty Steel Stakes (4)
    • Sledgehammer
    • Protective PVC Storage Bag
    • Repair kit
    • 1.5 HP Inflatable Screen Blower
    • Inflates in minutes with no hands needed (under normal weather conditions)
    • Three year warranty: under normal wear and weather conditions

    Open Air Elite Series Product Information

    Use It Anywhere!

    • In the Park
    • At a Concert
    • On the Military Base
    • During the Festival