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Panamorph Alpha Universal Anamorphic Lens with Attachment System

Item Number: Panamorph-Alpha
Expected Arrival - End of March 2024

Price: $9,995.00
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    The new Alpha is primarily intended for Sony VPL-XW5000ES, VPL-XW6000ES and VPL-XW7000ES native 16:9 projectors.

    Performance enhancing.
    You guessed this one. 33% more pixels making up your client’s movies for dramatically higher brightness and detail – the core reason for anamorphic projection. Why not offer the highest performance for the best content? This is the way.

    Distortion free.

    Yep, the first of its kind. Ever. Just a pristine, rectangular 2.4:1 image using the full resolution of the projector (technically: less than 1% distortion even at low throw ratios).

    Special full-screen mode for 16:9. Even football is bigger, but no missing scores and no black “slivers” anywhere. Your clients can fill the biggest screen, all the time. With anything.

    Subtitle solutions.

    Sony projectors can squeeze subtitles in to be much more visible with the Alpha.

    Go bigger!

    The Alpha supports a 2.4:1 screen more than 10% wider than the projector can make with its 16:9 panels.

    No lens memory adjustments required. It’s all solid state. No more shift/focus/zoom adjustments (other than possibly for subtitles).


    • Over 2 million more pixels on your screen for maximum detail and 30% higher brightness when showing content in the 2.4:1 format.
    • Instant aspect ratio changes.
    • Increase your screen width by up to 7%.
    • Optional UltraWide 2.4:1 mode for 16:9 content like sports to fill your cinema-format 2.4:1 screen.
    • Improved subtitle compatibility.
    • No visible geometric distortion.
    • No moving parts.
    • Universal attachment system for all three current Sony projector models. Highly likely to be compatible with future projectors (not guaranteed, new mount may be required).