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Samsung 8K Premiere Ultra Short Throw Projector Triple Laser TV

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    Samsung 8K Premiere Features

    We don't know everything about this brand new projector for 2023, so much of this information is speculative, but here's what we know and what we think so far:

    8K Resolution

    The most astounding feature of the 2023 Samsung laser TV is of course the fact that it will be the first 8K ultra short throw projector.

    8K resolution uses 4X as many pixels to give you the sharpest most detailed image available on a projector.

    8K Resolution projector

    There isn't a tremendous amount of 8K content currently available. However viewers can still take advantage of the extra pixels because the projector will upconvert any 4K video you send it to 8K. This will give you an even sharper higher quality image.

    The 8K Samsung premiere likely uses pixel shifting to achieve this high resolution, similar to how the new line of JVC NZ projectors work. We speculate that it will be using the same 4K 0.67” DLP chip as their prior UST that has like 25XX x 1517 native resolution but instead of shifting two times to get 4K, it now shifts four times to get 8K.

    Super Bright Triple Laser Design

    With a RGB triple laser design this Samsung 8K Premiere will offer at least 2800 lumens. However we except it to be even brighter since that is the trend for most of these triple laser projectors. It's believed the Samsung Premiere could be a 4000 lumen projector.

    We expect the 2023 Samsung Premiere will have a slightly wider color gamut as well. While the LSP9T covered 106% of the BT.2020 color space, the Samsung 8K UST will likely cover at least 107% matching projectors like the Hisense L9G or the newly announced Hisense L9H.

    150 Inch Projection Capabilities

    Not only will this new bright projector achieve 8K resolution, it will also be able to produce an image up to 150 inches. Which will pair perfectly with the 150 inch UST screen from Spectra Projection.

    Where the 130 inch capabilities of the Samsung LSP9T was once the largest screen size you could get with a UST, 150 inches is now becoming standard amongst laser TVs such as the AWOL LTV-3500, Formovie Theater and Epson LS800. This larger screen size capability is part of what makes us believe the 2023 Samsung Premiere may be as bright as 4000 lumens.

    Upgraded Speakers

    The new Samsung Premiere 8K will feature an upgraded built-in sound bar. This new speaker system will offer Dolby Atmos which was lacking on the previous models. Rumor has it that it will feature an incredibly powerful 100W Dolby Atmos speaker for powerful multi-directional sound, so there is no need to connect a soundbar. This would make it the most powerful built-in speaker on any UST.

    Split Screen Functionality

    This is a really cool feature that will let you divide the display into four quadrants for multiplayer games. We're hoping this will usher in a return to LAN parties.

    This feature could also be used for news, TV and most importantly watching multiple sports games at once.