The Ultra In Ultra-Short Throw

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For users who have limited space to throw a sizeable image an ultra short throw projector is the way to go.

Ricoh’s PJWX4141N & PJWX4141NI are worth taking notice of. Perhaps you have a 10’x10’ space at a tradeshow and want to make the most of this space; or perhaps you’ve simply grown tired of dealing with distracting shadows caused by your body and hands as you stand between the screen and the projector. Another ideal application for this projector is rear projection of a size about 100” or less.

In just a few inches, the PJWX4141N can throw a crystal clear 100” diagonal image. It currently is the shortest throw projector in existence (as of February 2016). What’s even more impressive, the PJWX4141N is designed to automatically detect and correct keystone distortion for optimal clarity. With a brightness of 3300 lumens, this projector will work well in most applications, including difficult indoor lighting.

Of course, the PJWX4141N comes with built-in networking capability. One can easily choose between LAN and wireless connectivity. The PJWX4141NI has the added distinction of having built-in interactive capabilities.

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