Why Paint?

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Screen paint has become a popular choice among home theater enthusiasts. While the belief that paint could perform just as well as a dedicated screen was once considered credulous, improvements to screen paint technology now shows such emphatic claims to be credible.

Spearheading the screen paint revolution is the small but fast-growing, US based company, Paint On Screen. In 2015, Paint On Screen redesigned their entire product-line, making both small and large improvements to their recipes. In addition, they’ve added dedicated screen paint primers to make the application more lasting and durable.

Paint On Screen, is more reflective than a normal wall paint. It benefits from spray-on application to avoid a textured look, but can also be rolled on, depending on the product. We highly recommend the Digital Theater White which boasts a gain of 1.4 or the S1 Ultimate Contrast, which has a higher 2.0 gain for a very bright picture.

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