Why You Should Buy A Projector For Your Home

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Has this ever happened to you? The latest Fast and Furious movie is released on your favorite streaming platform. The excitement is hard to hide because you can't seem to get enough of the action flicks.

But, there is just one thing that prevents you from truly enjoying your movie. Your 40-inch TV screen is just not cutting it.

Yes, the sound quality is good, because you have rigged it up to your home theater system. But, watching huge stars Vin Diesel or the Rock on that screen size is almost insulting.

Okay, there is more to this feeling you're having. Your brother invited you to watch the Hobbs and Shaw movie at his place. The thrills of seeing the Rock, Idris, and Stratham do their stuff on the home theater projector display were almost too much to bear. The huge images and surround sound made it feel like the stars were in the room.

Other than total enjoyment of the movie, one thing stood out. Your viewing experience would never be the same again if you had to revert to your small flatscreen TV.

So, if you had to answer the question, are home theater projectors worth it? We can bet our last dollar your answer would be a resounding YES! And, we couldn't agree more.

If you haven't experienced the pleasure of a home theater projector, please keep reading. We will show you why they are worth the investment.

Display Size

    One of the most impactful things about home theater projector and screen combos is the display size. The pleasure of watching or gaming is not easy to describe in words. We could try though. How about thrilling, immersive, or mind-blowing. You get the point right?

    Imagine watching the stunningly detailed 4K TV show Planet Earth. A cheetah chases its prey across the Serengeti on a 120 inch diagonal projector screen. We can see you leaning forward, rooting for the cheetah or antelope, as your eyes track the action. You’d see every twitch of muscle, every inch of detail on this larger than life display.

    That 120 inch projection screen is a whopping 9 times larger than your puny 40 inch flatscreen!

    Wide Range of Options

      Home theater projector technology has evolved over the years. The older models may have had issues with image quality and working in well lit rooms. So, many people would prefer to buy a television instead. But now, there are so many new technological advancements in the world of projection giving you the options to find a projector to fit your needs.

      Do a cursory search of the best video projectors. You will notice the wide range of options available. These include 4K 3D-ready projectors, those for dark rooms and portable ones. Some are suitable for mid-sized rooms, home theaters, and the outdoors. There are even projectors like laser TVs that are designed to be flatscreen television replacements in your living room.

      With the advent of ambient light rejecting projector screens, you now have the ability to use a projector even in a well lit room.

      The demand for quality has led to significant improvements in the product offerings. And, in terms of pricing, it ranges from budget-friendly projectors to high-end options.

      Look at it in terms of value. Why should you settle for a small screen when you can have a wall-sized projection?

      When shopping for a projector, start by determining what you need. It is easier to find the right one this way. If, for instance, you will use the projector for the office, brightness will be extra important.

      Also, look for those with high contrast, lumen ratings, and color accuracy. Compromising on these factors will impact the image quality.

      Adaptability and Customization

        Another notable advantage is that you configure the display size to whatever you want with a screen customized to match your space. You can go large or small, with the simple act of adjusting the settings. If you buy a 40 inch TV, you are stuck with that display size.

        There is also a lot of flexibility with projector placement. You don’t always have to use the beamer with your indoor screen, you can also set it up outside for an outdoor movie night. What you get is multiple functionalities from one device.

        A TV requires a credenza or to be mounted on the wall. But even the flattest screen takes up some amount of valuable floorspace; not to mention wallspace. A projector also gives you the ability to mount it to the ceiling so it’s out of the way. With a retractable projector screen you’re able to roll up the screen when not in use freeing up wall space for art or shelves.

        You will appreciate this point if you have a house with small kids. Having expensive electronic appliances out of their reach will give you untold peace of mind.

        We have all seen videos of small kids climbing the stand, and pushing off the TV. Others will even smash the screen with whatever they lay their hands on.

        Portability of Projectors

          Imagine trying to move your 40 inch TV to another location. The hassle of the process will have you thinking twice. Home theater projectors are compact.

          On warm summer nights, you can move it outdoors for movie night. And, you don't need to move any cabinets or stands. A simple stool can comfortably hold most laptop-sized devices. That said, many higher end projectors are significantly larger and require a larger platform. Make sure to also have an outdoor projector screen to get the best viewing experience.

          These fantastic electronic devices give you the ability to bring them into the kids room for a pajama movie sleepover party. And, depending on the size of your projector you can take it to the office for on the go business presentations.

          Level of Viewing Comfort

            Maybe you like to watch content with captions. But, it can be challenging to read the small letters on a TV screen. Within a short time, you start to feel eye fatigue. Projectors display words in bigger letters. It becomes so much easier to read the content.

            And, who can argue with the fact that it is more comfortable to see larger images on a bigger screen? You avoid the eye strain that comes from trying to focus on small images. Furthermore, you don't have to deal with the large amounts of light TVs emit.

            The projector screen’s surface is large, allowing for the reflection of light. All you need to do is ensure sufficient space between the viewers and the screen.

            Final Thoughts

            Home projectors are a joy to have. Not only do they enhance your viewing pleasure by giving you a fully immersive experience. But, they have tons of other advantages as we have highlighted. The range of options means you can find one that fits your budget.

            If you need help picking a projector and screen give us a call (800)637-3181

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