Best Place to Purchase Custom Projector Screens for Megachurches or Houses Of Worship

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Are you looking for the best place to purchase projectors and custom projector screens for houses of worship and megachurches? At the Projector Screen Store, we offer custom projector screen sizes to meet your church’s needs. Deciding on the best screen involves more than taking a wall measurement though.

Keep reading to discover three elements to creating the highest quality audio and visual experience for your place of worship.

Determining Custom Projector Screen Sizes, Materials, and Shapes


The type of material you select for your screen affects picture quality. To eliminate glares from every viewing angle, you’ll want a projector screen that rejects ambient light.

There are several factors to consider when determining custom projector screen sizes and shapes. Ask yourself these questions when selecting projector screens for houses of worship and megachurches:

  • How big is the room?
  • How are the chairs set up?
  • What content will be projected?


Our blog post How to Choose the Best Projector Screen and Projector for Your Church provides more insight to support your decision making.

Considerations for 4K Projectors


4K projectors produce a more detailed, richer image than many TVs. Purchase a 4K projector to furnish your church with the best picture on your custom projector screen.

Here are a few aspects you can control to improve the viewing experience:

  • Distance from the wall
  • Amount of light in the room
  • Age of the bulb

These projectors offer greater detail and more vibrant colors than other options.

Projector Screen Store Is The Best Place for Custom Projector Screens

As is true with any large purchase, you must ensure you’re working with a reputable supplier. Quality, prices, experience, and support are all elements that need to be considered.

Know that when you purchase from the Projector Screen Store, you’re working with a company that’s been trusted by others for more than 40 years. We offer a vast selection of fairly priced, quality projector screens, projectors, education products, and other Audio/Visual accessories. Our support staff is available to offer recommendations and assist you in choosing the best equipment. We also provide tools like our Viewing Distance Calculator.

Purchase Your Custom Projector Screens for Houses of Worship and Megachurches

Projector Screen Store sells made-to-order projector screens for houses of worship and other organizations around the Country. We customized a 40-foot screen for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, and a 20-foot screen for Disney.


A trusted source in the Audio/Visual equipment market since the 1960s, our company is backed by more than 150 years of combined experience. Contact us to discuss your church’s custom projector screens.


For more information on presentation in your church, please check out

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