Get Your Draper Projection Screens Fast!

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Get Your Projection Screens Fast

On-time delivery of projection screens matters. There is typically a window set aside for projection screen installation, and if the product isn’t delivered on time it leads to costly delays.

With this in mind, Draper can ship most of our electric projection screens in less than 5 days. Average lead times for our electric projection screens are 6 days or less. This average is for all our electric screens and is not restricted to one single model.

Here are four reasons we have and intend to keep the lowest lead times in the projection screen industry:

Many companies may tout low lead times for product delivery, but that may only pertain to a certain product or be a goal that is often missed. We have always worked hard to deliver a quality, reasonably-priced product as quickly as possible, but this year we decided to double down on making lead times a priority. Putting lead times top of mind has allowed us to dig deep and bring them even lower than before.

Better flow.
We took a close look at our processes, including order entry, production scheduling, assembly, and shipping. We have made several improvements to the flow of parts and finished products to, through, and from our manufacturing cells.

We have been making projection screens for more than 60 years. Many of our employees have been with Draper 20 years or more. We use the deep base of knowledge this experience provides to support innovation. There are very few issues that can come up that we haven’t seen and dealt with before. Knowing the screen business so intimately helps us discover new ways to improve product quality and shipping times.

Screens in stock.
We try to keep our most popular models in stock. We also work with distributors Stampede in the eastern United States and Herman Pro AV in the west to ensure they have our screens in stock. If we happen to be out of something, they very likely will have it. And if it is a model with optional or custom features, we make many of our parts in-house so in most cases there will be no delay.

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