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Products 1-35 of 35
Paint on Screen is an extremely easy-to-use screen paint product that is designed to be applied just like any other interior paint. The projection screen surface can be used almost immediately after application, but will generally take up to 24 hours to cure to perfection.

The smoother the wall, the clearer and sharper the projected image, so care should be taken to ensure a smooth screen paint surface. Unlike other screens, Screen Paint can be used for literally any application; auditoriums, classrooms, boardrooms, home theaters, game rooms and even outdoor venues.

This projector wall paint is an industry leader because it works on nearly any surface and is specifically engineered to support a wide range of HD, UltraHD, 2D and even 3D projectors.

We get it. Sometimes you spend a bit more than you expected on that projector when you see all of the amazing things that a 4K or 3D projector can do. (And don't worry, we've done it too!)

The great news is that you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on the perfect screen that may or may not support all of those features. Now, you can work directly with your wall with the right, and very affordable, type of projection screen paint. Look below for an affordable solution to getting the most out of your projector today!

Safe for Your Home

One of the reasons we choose to carry this line of projector wall paint is that it's designed to be safely used and applied in the presence of children, adults and in a multitude of situations.

The Digital Theater White and Ultimate Contrast line of the Paint on Screen projection TV screen paint support a wide range of viewing angles and brightness levels. You won't have to worry about dead pixels - just a couple hours of work and then you're set for a great time!

Be sure to ask us about the benefits of each type of projector wall paint and suggestions for getting your wall painted properly. We'll give you one for free right now! Always paint last. That way, your installed projector is calibrated for the wall and you can paint the specific area you need to optimize your paint usage, giving you more flexibility if you want to cover multiple walls.

We also offer free ground shipping on all of our projection TV screen paints.