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Having projector screens in your school is an added benefit many schools still do not have. From elementary to high school, being able to give lectures and presentations is a valuable asset to any classroom, and doing so in a unique and entertaining way will grab the attention of your students and make them more interested and attentive to learning. There are multiple advantages to having large school projector screens in your classrooms and throughout your school. In the classroom itself, having a setup with a projection screen is a great way to have lectures and demonstrate lessons in an advanced way that students can actively participate in.

Gone are the days of chalkboards and students coming to the front of the class to show that they understand formulas or the other information that they took away from the lesson. Instead, with a more advanced technological setup, students can participate with lessons right from their own seat. Projection devices are regularly hooked up to computers and then displayed on classroom projector screens. This allows teachers to display videos, audio files, interactive worksheets and more, so students stay continually interested in the lesson. Furthermore, with the advancement of mobile devices and tablets, some programs even allow students to actively participate in the lesson right from their desks with their personal device.

Even for classrooms that do not have mobile devices with them, a setup that is as simple as a wireless keyboard or mouse allows students to take part in the lesson, with interactive courses that are being displayed on the classroom projector screen. School projection screens are perfect for new generations that are continually entranced in electronics, be it computers, video games, smartphones or tablet devices. Classrooms that advance as the students do are more likely to stimulate the mind and allow for a better understanding than outdated tools such as chalkboards. Projection devices and school projector screens are good for more than just individual classes. They can also be used for large auditoriums, gyms and assembly halls. When having hundreds, if not thousands, of students gathered in one area, keeping all of their attention can be extremely difficult. However, with the help of a school projector screen, you can display information that will gain students attention.

You can use these school projection screens for extracurricular activities such as dances, movie nights or club events. Many school dances have a Deejay or live music, and these performances can be accentuated by being displayed on a large projector screen. Also, movie nights are a great idea for events that are safe for the community, while also bringing together students to build school pride. Projector screens have an overall benefit on the school. They lead to more interactive classrooms and better extracurricular activities. These activities, in turn, lead to generating more profit through booster clubs and sports teams, which will help continue to further advance the school. This investment into better technology with school projector screens can have long lasting financial rewards for your school. Here is a great link to a faculty member explaining the need for advanced technology and projector screens in schools:

This financial return is even more evident in private schools. When parents look to send their students to a private school, they want the best for their child. This means having the best technology, atmospheres that are conducive to learning, as well as the most advanced educational experience is very important. Private schools that have updated and advanced technology, like the use of classroom projector screens, are more likely to garnish the attention of prospective students. Much like extra curricular activities, this too leads to more generated financial rewards for the school, which can then further advance even more opportunities it gives to its students. Now that you have an idea of all the benefits having large projection screens in you school can have, it’s important to know what your options are for your educational facility.

Manual School Projector Screens

One of the most convenient and popular ideas for classrooms is going to be manual projector screens. These projection screens are most commonly used in classrooms. They have an encasing that the classroom projector screen can be stored in when not in use, but can also easily be pulled out when it is needed. These screens are also great when positioned on top of whiteboards. This allows for the manual projector screen to be retracted into its encasing, and then students can still see the image being displayed on the board if the teacher needs to make markings for the course material. These screens are also easy to clean and maintain, due to the simplicity of their design. Manual school projector screens are probably the best option for majority of classrooms looking for a projection screen that is effective and cost friendly.

Tripod School Projector Screens

Tripod projector screens are another option for schools. They are typically smaller, but also much more versatile. These projection screens can be moved from classroom to classroom and even be located outdoors if needed. Due to their size they may not be ideal for large assembly halls. However, tripod school projector screens are the easiest to clean and maintain, which is an added benefit to consider when purchasing a projection screen for a school. Tripod projector screens are a great option if they fit what you are looking for when it comes to your size and financial limitations.

Electric School Projector Screens

The last type of projector screen that you are likely to see in a school is going to be electronic projector screens. These types of school projection screens are fixated to a wall or ceiling and then extended and retracted by a remote control. These are the ideal setups for large assembly halls, auditoriums and gyms. However due to the fact that they are more expensive to initially purchase, as well as maintain, these projector screens probably are not the most efficient option to install in every single classroom.

There are many options when it comes to having a school projector screen. No matter which type of projection screen you select, it is sure to make your school have an overall better appeal, as well as lead to more student participation and interest.

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