Alltec Electric Screens

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ALLTEC ELECTRIC SCREENS Alltec Screens’ product line of motorized electric projector screens satisfies an important space in the market, affordable quality. When compared with similarly priced screens, the Alltec models perform more than competitively. FEATURES & OPERATION Right out of the box, the screen looks well designed and high end. The aluminum housing comes with either a black or white finish. I typically prefer a black housing for a dedicated entertainment room, but the white housing may be more suitable for educational and business applications. Once we plugged in the unit and connected the wall-mountable 3-way switch, we were all set to sit down and test out the screen’s performance. The first thing we took note of, is how fast the electric motor was, which fully retracted in less than ten seconds. In comparison, a similar Elite Screens Spectrum or VMAX2 series screen can take up to a minute. Another welcome feature to mention is that the Alltec Screen came with an extra foot of black masking at the top. We were able to adjust this by setting our own limits on the housing structure. This generous amount of black border at the top will surely please customers looking to do a flush-ceiling mounted screen. Like the VMAX2 series, the Alltec Screens include 2 wireless IR (Infrared) remote controls and have an optional in-line wall switch that can be easily removed. Unlike the VMAX2 series, there is no radio-frequency sensor, which means that if you are looking for a ceiling recessed option, the Alltec Screen will not work for that type of installation. Another significant difference between the Alltec motorized screen and its counterparts, is the advantage of “floating” or “sliding” mounting brackets. The Alltec brackets separate from the casing to be mounted individually, after which the casing can then be attached. The sliding brackets allow the user the flexibility of adjusting the positioning of the brackets to accommodate for wall studs and other structural attachment points. PICTURE QUALITY Matte white is the only surface presently offered by Alltec Screens. This is understandable as it is the primary surface within the industry. While grey surfaces have their purpose and champions, we do our projector testing exclusively using a matte white surface for its neutrality. It would be nice to see Alltec accommodate the broader market one day by offering a high contrast alternative to matte white. That being said, we found Alltec’s matte white fabric to be right on par with the neutrality and reflectivity of similar screens offered by Da-Lite, Draper and Elite Screens. While Elite Screens claims a slightly higher gain and broader viewing cone than the other three, it does not seem obvious to us when we have tested the four surfaces back to back. FINAL THOUGHTS Given their price points, the Alltec screens are easy for us to recommend. Of all the plug & play screens we’ve ever tested, they have the most efficient motor. The picture quality is excellent and easily rivals all the industry standards. The manufacturer’s warranty, while only a year, can be increased by an additional year with the purchase of the Alltec Screens Protection Plan. Currently Alltec does not offer ceiling recessed options, nor high contrast grey surfaces, but they do accommodate the core of their industry with their matte white fabric option in a variety of formats and sizes. The formats and sizes listed below are based on Alltec Screens 2016 motorized electric projector screen product lineup. HDTV (16:9) - 92” / 100” / 110” / 120”/ 135” / 150” Widescreen PC (16:10) - 100” / 120” Video/NTSC (4:3) - 84” / 100” / 120” Square (1:1) - 99” / 119” / 135”
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