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ELECTRIC PROJECTOR SCREENS are operated by an electric motor that raises and lowers the screen via remote control or wall switch. Some Electric projector screens have a simple plug-and-play design, while others like a ceiling recessed screens, require significant installation. Whether you are looking for a Ceiling Recessed electric projector screen, Floor Rising electric projector screen, Wall and Ceiling Mounted projector screen, or a Portable projector screen - Projector Screen Store has the screen you need!

Products 1-72 of 2377
Products 1-72 of 2377

Wall- and ceiling-mounted electric projector screens are permanent additions to your space that add the access you want to entertainment, conference calls and much more. Use the filters on the left to narrow your options for projector screens based on your existing equipment, size needs, brand preferences, application and price, just to name a few.

Browse our full selection of products to see exactly what you can expect with electric projector screen ceiling mounts and the screens themselves. Grab the perfect item for your cart or use one of our product category buttons to dive deeper into exactly what you?re looking for, with perfect features like simple installation.

And, as an added bonus for shoppers just like you, we?re adding free ground shipping on all of the products listed below. Whether you?re looking for the perfect electric projector screen ceiling mount for your home or you want to expand your support for peer-to-peer conferencing in your office, we?ve got what you need below.

We know you can have a lot of questions about ceiling-mounted electric projector screens, so we?re here to answer them. Whether you?ve got specific calibration needs or just aren?t sure what the ?drop ceiling? part of our wide selection of electric projector screen drop ceiling products is, you can fire up the live online support and chat to get what you need.

Pick up the perfect outdoor drop ceiling electric projector screen designed specifically to give you and your guests a great experience when the sun goes down. Resist weather, insects and breezes when you choose one of our Nocturne models. They?re sized just right for broadcasting the big game, watching a movie in the backyard or hosting an event for your staff.

The Projector Screen Store looks forward to becoming your one-stop shop for turning your home into the theater you love.

If you need help finding the right screen, our sales professionals will be happy to assist you! Call 1-800-637-3181 or LIVE CHAT, for help finding your screen today!