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75 Diagonal, 48x60 Ultra-Portable Fold-Away Tripod Projection Screen in an 18in Pouch - Matte White

Item Number: S2G-007
Aspect Ratio:
Video [4:3]
Screen Type:
Viewable Width:
Viewable Height:
Mount Type:
Screen Surface:
Matt White
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Price: $159.00
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    S2G-007" data-price="159.00" data-currency="USD" data-name="75 Diagonal, 48x60 Ultra-Portable Fold-Away Tripod Projection Screen in an 18in Pouch - Matte White" data-url="/Projector-Screens/Screen2Go-75-DIAGONAL-48X60-ULTRA-PORTABLE-FOLD-AWAY-TRIPOD-PROJECTION-SCREEN-IN-AN-18IN-POUCH-MATTE-WHITE--STG-007-51011.html" data-image-url="/shared/images/products/Screen 2 Go/Screen 2 Go.jpg" data-description="##ITEMDESCRIPTION##">
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  • On the Road
  • For the Home
  • Assembly Instructions
  • No more lugging projection screens through airports!

    No more renting hotel screens for $50 or more a day!

    "The No hassle, Pack up & Go, Lightweight Projection Screen in a Pouch"

  • Sets up in 5 minutes or less!
  • Opens to a large 75 inch diagonal screen size!
  • Screen2Go collapses to 18 inches for travel
  • Weighs less than 6 lbs.
  • Fits perfectly in your "Carry-On" Roll-aboard
    Fits perfectly in the "optional" Briefcase.

    Screen2Go On the Road

    Scenario #1 Road Warrior takes to the road, armed with an LCD or DLP projector and a laptop for his or her power point or slide presentation. Both products these days are small enough and light enough to carry on to a plane. When the road warrior gets to his or her Hotel or seminar destination, they (A) hope for a plain wall to display their presentation onto, or (B) forced to rent a projector screen from the hotel’s "audio/visual department" @ $25-$50 a day or (C) set up their own "Screen2go".
    Scenario #2 Your presentation is going to be at the accounts place of business, on the retail floor. Again (A) you look for a blank wall to display your presentation, or (B) you hope that the store has it’s own screen for you to use, or (C) you can settle for a lesser quality presentation by utilizing a "scan converter" connected to a TV, or (d) you can set up your own "Screen2go".
    Scenario #3 You are flying in to do a presentation for an account and returning same day. You only want to take "carry on baggage" so you can be out of the airport quicker. But because you know you will need a screen for your presentation, you can either (A) pay to rent one at the other end, or (B) try to sneak a 36" long "portable" projector screen on board, or (C) pack the "Screen2go" in your carry on baggage.
    Scenario #4 You have a small office space; you want to do a presentation for your office staff. But where to display the projected image" The "Screen2go" stores in a closet or on a shelf is only 18" x 4" x 6" in its folded state; and can be assembled anywhere in two to four minutes.
    Table Mounted
    Floor Standing

    Screen2Go For the Home

    Scenario #5 For the home, why struggle trying to find storage for or assembling a large slide projector screen for that occasional family slide- night enjoyment. You can (A) splash it onto the refrigerator door, or (B) get the "Screen2go" off the closet shelf and set it up anywhere.
    Scenario #6 Suppose you want to use your LCD projector connected either to your computer and/or DVD player for that "big screen" image in a family room. Simply get "Screen2go" off the closet shelf and set it up anywhere and enjoy the show. After the show, it takes less than two minutes to turn the theater back into the family room, until the next movie night.
    Resilient Because "Screen2go" is made from incredibly resilient wrinkle resistant fabric, the situation will probably never arise that you would need to wash it or iron it, but you could. Washing the screen every 6 months or so will bring it back to its original elasticity.
    The "Screen2go" can be used in every business or family application that requires projecting an image to a screen. Easy Storage, Light Weight & compact, Low shipping cost, assembles anywhere, assembles in less than four minutes, inexpensively priced.
    At Home
    On Vacation

    Screen2Go Assembly

  • (A) Center tripod stand
  • (B&E) 2 shock-corded expandable rods
  • (C) Folded screen (in a pouch)
  • (D) Keystone top bracket (adapter)
  • (D) (E) (B) (A) (C)

    Setting up the Screen2Go
    (A) Set up the main center tripod first open base fully & stand upright loosen first section & extend up then tighten screw. Now extend other sections upright. Tighten each section as you go.
    (It's recommended that you leave about an inch inside extended portions for stability)
    Open tripod base fully
    and stand upright
    Extend other sections upright.
    Tighten each section as you go

    Assemble 2 shock-corded expandable rods
    (B) Screw the first shock-corded expandable pieces together. (careful not to over tighten) Screw the second shock-corded pieces together.
    Assemble 2 shock-corded
    expandable rods
    Screw expandable pieces together

    Preparing screen fabric for assembly
    (C) Remove fabric from protective pouch. Open fully, slip one of the shock-corded rods into the top sleeve. (careful as you pass the center cut-out) Once fully inserted, close velcro flap.
    Slip shock-corded rods into top & bottom sleeves
    Careful as you pass the center cut-out on top
    Once fully inserted, close velcro flap

    Attaching the Keystone top bracket
    (D) Clip the Keystone bracket (with holes facing down) to the top shock-corded rod through the opening. (the cut-out) Lift the bracket and screen and attach to top of the center tripod. (utilizing the front hole)
    Attach Keystone top bracket
    With holes facing down
    Lift the bracket and screen and attach
    to top of the center tripod

    2nd Shock-corded rod
    (E) Slip the 2nd shock-corded rod into the bottom sleeve. Once fully inserted close the velcro flap. In back of screen tie the bottom tie to center tripod
    Slip 2nd shock-corded rod into bottom sleeve
    Close the velcro flap
    Tie the bottom tie to center tripod

    Screen2Go is now ready to use
  • NOTE: It is normal for creases to show when you first assemble fabric.
  • Once the LCD projector lamp warms up and fills the screen, these creases will seem to disapear.
  • The longer the screen hangs the less creases will be visible.
  • Screen2Go is washable and can be ironed. (Make sure iron is not too hot)