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How it Works
Buy an item from 2 of the above categories
Save 5%
Buy an item from 3 of the above categories
Save 7%
Buy an item from 4 of the above categories
Save 10%
* must buy at least 3 speakers to qualify
Here's the deal:

Want to SAVE BIG on your new home theater setup?

Our Build-A-Bundle program rewards you for adding the various components of your home theater; the more you buy, the more you save.

Add a 4K Projector and 4K Screen? Save 5% off both.

Add an A/V Receiver and the savings increase to 7% off all components.

Add at least 3 Speakers and that discount jumps all the way up to 10% off all bundle items.

The Build-A-Bundle discounts are on top of any sale pricing or current promotions, so items on sale will net you even more of a discount.

Click a category below to start building your bundle and SAVE!

Products 1-72 of 4717
Products 1-72 of 4717